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Tropiclean Fresh Breath Dental Care Products for Dogs: A Review

Updated on June 27, 2012
4 stars for Tropiclean Fresh Breath Dental Care Products
The logo for Tropiclean's Fresh Breath line
The logo for Tropiclean's Fresh Breath line

I'm a big advocate for dog owners taking an active roll in their pet's dental health. It's important to me because I've seen first hand what can happen if a dog's teeth go uncared for during the course of it's life. Brushing my dog's teeth is something I've made into a regular routine, and I've been actively spreading the word to other dog lovers about the importance of keeping their dog's teeth clean. However, I've learned that there are lots of dog owners who have tried, but just can't get their dog to cooperate with having their teeth brushed. Some dogs absolutely hate it, and can put up such a fight that it becomes impossible. So what do you do when you can't brush your dog's teeth? Chew toys and dental treats alone can't possibly be sufficient in keeping your dog's teeth clean! That's where Tropiclean's Fresh Breath Made Easy products come in.

Read: Your Dog's Dental Health.

A collection of products from Tropiclean's Fresh Breath Made Easy line
A collection of products from Tropiclean's Fresh Breath Made Easy line

Tropiclean Fresh Breath Made Easy

I was sent a box of sample products to try on my own dog. They wanted to let me try out their products so I can see, and in turn let others know, that a toothbrush isn't the only way to fight the plaque on my dog's teeth.

Immediately upon opening the box, I was hit in the face with an amazing minty aroma. My first thought was that I couldn't wait to smell this stuff on my dog's breath!

It was a pretty nice collection of products they sent me! The box included:

  • Mint Foam
  • Water Additive
  • Trifloss Ball (packaged with a bottle of Liquid Floss)
  • Fresh Breath Chews
  • Clean Teeth Gel

The list of ingredients caught my eye immediately. Instead of all the unpronounceable gunk that I'm used to seeing, this stuff had natural ingredients like mint (yes, real mint), parsley, and green tea extract. These are made of some pretty good stuff, which made me very happy.

The idea is that when these products are used together, they provide a proper substitute for brushing. I was skeptical about how well they'd be able to hold up against a toothbrush at first. But I promptly tucked my dog's toothbrush away, and geared up for a full two weeks of product testing. Here's a description of each individual product, along with an explanation of what I liked and disliked about each of them.

Tropiclean Fresh Breath Foam
Tropiclean Fresh Breath Foam

Instant Fresh Foam

The Instant Fresh Foam is (in my opinion) the quickest fix for bad breath. It's in liquid form, and comes in a bottle with a pump dispenser. When you dispense the liquid, it comes out as foam (think foam-soap dispensers).

All you do is lift your dog's lip, and squirt the foam along the side of his gums, so the foam gets on his teeth. Then you do the same to the other side, and you're done. It's pretty easy, and takes up very little time. The foam has such a potent minty smell, it eliminates any stink in your dog's mouth. My dog often sleeps with me at night, and she likes to breathe right in my face. So using this stuff right before bed was a huge help.

The only downside to the foam is, for some weird reason, my dog is scared of the noise it makes. She's really skittish, and the semi-loud "SCHUUUUUUISH" noise made her really nervous, making it a little difficult to get her to comply with the application of this product. She eventually got used to it, but this product probably isn't the best for dogs with a fear of similar noises.

Tropiclean Fresh Breath Water Additive
Tropiclean Fresh Breath Water Additive

Water Additive

The water additive is (in my opinion) the easiest and most low-maintenance product. Every time you refill your dog's water dish, dump a cap full (1 tablespoon) into the dish, and set it out for your dog. The water additive works like a mouthwash, helping to reduce plaque and tartar on your dog's teeth without you having to do a thing (except for adding it to the water, of course).

I was initially concerned that my dog would like the taste of this product and drink more water than she should. She seemed to like the taste of the other Tropiclean products I had given her, so I thought the water additive would prove to be problematic. However, she doesn't even seem to notice it's in her water. Maybe this one doesn't have any noticeable flavor at all. Since I'm not going to try it myself, all I can do is assume based on my dog's behavior and, by that criteria, the water additive does exactly what it's supposed to!

Tropiclean Fresh Breath Liquid Floss
Tropiclean Fresh Breath Liquid Floss
Tropiclean Fresh Breath Trifloss Ball
Tropiclean Fresh Breath Trifloss Ball

Liquid Floss and Trifloss Ball

The liquid floss and trifloss ball are (in my opinion) the most effective product in the line.

The trifloss ball is made of floss-like material. Several pieces are twisted together to make a rope-like chew toy. Normally, my dog doesn't chew much. She prefers a game of fetch and isn't interested in toys if they aren't flying through the air. However, when I tossed this ball to her, she ran off with it and chewed for a while. The material works itself into the gaps between her teeth and removes anything that's stuck there.

The liquid floss is supposed to be applied to the trifloss ball, or any other chew toy your dog likes. It comes in a spritz bottle (think non-aerosol hairspray), so it's really easy to spray a bit onto the toy every now-and-then. When it's used on the trifloss ball, the material of the ball work itself between the teeth, and the liquid floss dissolves plaque and tartar that the trifloss ball can't floss away.

I love this product because even though I am usually in the habit of brushing my dog's teeth, that alone can't get into the gaps in between. I know that food still gets stuck there. She's already made it clear that flossing her teeth is not an option, and this is the next best thing. She does all the work herself. It even seems to me that she enjoys the feeling of having the trifloss ball floss between her teeth (while she chews, she makes her "oh yeah, that's the spot" face).

Tropiclean Fresh Breath Dental Chews
Tropiclean Fresh Breath Dental Chews
Tropiclean Fresh Breath Dental Chews
Tropiclean Fresh Breath Dental Chews

Dental Chews

The dental chews are, of course, my dog's favorite product in the line. She absolutely loves treats, so there was no trouble at all getting her to eat these!

The chewy treats are about medium-sized, and smell great (mint, of course). While your dog is chewing them, they help scrape food off the teeth. My only problem with these: sometimes my dog chooses not to chew. She'll bite it in half (if she absolutely has to) and swallow the two pieces whole. Since these have a really chewy consistency, they do encourage her to chew more than she normally would. But there is still the occasional treat lost to her hasty approach.

I hate to see a single one of these treats go to waste this way. At 6 ounces per bag (that's approximately 28 treats, give or take a couple), I want to get all I can out of these treats. They go fast, especially when your dog is on the larger end of the breed spectrum.

If your dog tends to skip chewing, like mine does, then these might not be worth your while. Otherwise, these will help a great deal in keeping your dogs teeth clean. Meanwhile, your dog thinks he's being spoiled with special food!

Tropiclean Fresh Breath Clean Teeth Gel
Tropiclean Fresh Breath Clean Teeth Gel

Clean Teeth Gel

Clean teeth gel is my favorite product in the line. It's a gel that is applied directly to your dog's teeth. It's like a mouthwash; it helps dissolve plaque and kills the bacteria that cause bad breath. Just pull your dog's lips back and squirt it right onto the teeth. The gel is much easier to use on my dog than the foam is, because the gel doesn't make any scary noises.

I love this one mostly because it can be used as toothpaste. Like I said earlier, I've been in the habit of brushing my dog's teeth, and I think she enjoys having it done. Plus, this stuff is better (in terms of ingredients, price, and effectiveness) than any other toothpaste product I've found so far.

These products are available at PetCo stores, as well as on If you're interested in purchasing, Tropiclean's web site has a 'store finder' feature.

Overall Conclusion

For just over two whole weeks, I put brushing aside and used only these products. I used them all together, and exactly as directed on the packaging. I used them exactly as often as suggested. I am honestly a bit surprised to say that these products together held up just as well as brushing would have over those two weeks! Normally, my dogs teeth get pretty nasty after just a few days without brushing. These were a sufficient substitute, and the trifloss ball even added extra cleaning that I couldn't achieve with a toothbrush.

So, will I buy these products? Absolutely! I think they're a must-have if your dog refuses to allow you near him with a toothbrush. Since mine is accustomed to brushing, I think I'll continue with that routine, though. However, I'll definitely be switching to the clean teeth gel instead of the toothpaste I buy now, and I'll be buying the trifloss ball/liquid floss combo. I'll start buying the dental chews, too, because they're the only treats I can get her to chew, even if it's just some of the time.

I'm extremely impressed with the overall effectiveness of these products, and I fully recommend them.


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