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Types of Dog Collars Explained

Updated on July 9, 2016

Before you buy a dog collar for your puppy, it is important to understand the kind of Dog collars that are easily available on the market and the ones that will prove to be a right choice for your tail-wagger.

The importance of dog collars in a life of a stray is quite evident and is an essential accessory for them. These accessories are available in different kinds of materials like leather, cotton, metal, and nylon.

Kinds of Dog Collars

Various types of Dog Collars can be availed in different colors and sizes from online or offline stores. The basic kinds of Dog collars are:

Halter-type - Halter-type dog collars are specially designed for the dogs having strong and broad built. These are differently designed and consists of two straps. One strap goes over the nose of the dog, and another goes around the neck and behind the ears of the hound. If you find it difficult to control your dog when out for walks, this unique band will serve your need correctly. As it is more of a compact style, when the leash is pulled, the head of the dog gets pulled either sidewards or backwards.

Harness - The harness is a kind of a collar that covers the neck and further stretch to the upper body of a canine. It is placed around the dog's chest and abdomen connecting with the back body. Harnesses are designed for dogs having upper respiratory diseases or for the dogs suffering from trachea or throat problems. In this kind of collar, the leash is attached to the top of the harness. When the dog pulls the leash, the pressure is felt on the abdomen. It keeps the neck free from pressure and is recommended for the dogs with problems in the respiratory tract or the neck.

Pronged - Also recognized as pinch collars, these come with prongs protruding inward from the links. These collars are designed for assisting the masters of the dogs for training the pups who are stubborn on pulling. It provides the required control to the masters without causing any harm to the canine. These should be used with caution and must not be left on the dog when unattended.

Martingale - These are fantastic collars without buckles and are designed to get over the head of the dog without any mess. It is specifically designed for show dogs that have smaller heads. It must be correctly positioned for keeping it tight. These collars are also referred as Greyhound collars or limited slip collars. These are often available in nylon material and can be availed in different sizes, designs and colors. Though, these are perfect for sight hounds, but can also be used on other breeds of the dogs.

Chain Slip Collars – These collars are specifically designed for training purposes and are also referred to as choke chains. These collars are not much recommended these days as the dog trainers consider it as dangerous because it may damage dog's neck in the course of being hyperactive during a walk. Again these must not be left on the unattended dog because of the strangulation hazards it poses to these speechless creatures.

Everyday Collars – These comes in a variety of styles and are meant for regular use. While some masters may prefer collars with metal buckles, the other may consider rolled leather ones. Everyday collars come in a variety of styles, sizes, and colors and can be personalized according to the individual need of the master.

Breakaway Collars - These are also meant for regular use but have a safety feature designed for preventing choking.

Show Collars – Show collars are the special collars that are stylish in appearance and are made of the braided material. Materials like metal, nylon and leather are used to convert to show collars and looks magnificent. It's a perfect choice if you want your hound to stand out of the crowd.

Needless to mention that when you go out to shop for dog collars, you will be surprised to discover the endless number of varieties in these accessories. The fact is that there are so many variations in these collars, it becomes a daunting job for the master to find a desired deal from the available options.

These days, there is a special craze for fancy dog collars with the name of the dog imbibed with stones or other decorative material on it. Many retailers deal with such collars and offer several colors and designs in these units.

Whether you are considering online or offline dealers, you must not forget to compare the price of the product of different brands before buying any of these dog collars.


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