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Types Of Birds

Updated on October 22, 2011

What’s more enjoyable than waking up early in the morning to the chirping of birds, the sound that relaxes your mind and you have serene thoughts.

Their sweet musical voice is usually an indication of their hunger, thus the term the early bird catches the worm.

If you would like to see some of these miraculous creatures leave out a food platter for them early in the morning and enjoy beautiful scenery that will surely follow soon.

Some of the different types of birds are:

Eastern Bluebirds

They usually grow up to about 6 ½ inches tall and live in orchards and gardens. They generally prefer to build their nests on mango trees.

Eastern Bluebird
Eastern Bluebird

They usually live in areas where spring is prominent as they whither during winter.

Male Bluebirds have a blue upper half body and a white belly, female on the other hand have a gray head and blue patches on their body.


The avocet bird belongs to three various species.

Generally this bird is found in North and South America, Europe, rarely North Africa and sometimes South Australia.

With its long legged and webbed feet and upturned beak this bird is a great favourite of many bird watchers simply because of its elegance and glide.



Catbirds are best known for their perfect imitation of the sounds of many other birds.

Usually this bird is gray in colour with a shade of chestnut under its tail however; a few also are white and grey with brown underneath the tail.


They are pink-bodied types of birds with a very unique and large beak.

They are more commonly found in large colonies.

These are present in many African countries, areas of Florida, a few in Tulsa and Michigan (during the summers) and one particular type of species are found only in the Andean highlands.

If you ever see these birds near a body of water wait until they start to bathe, because their way of bathing and dancing in the water is not only enjoyable and pleasant to see but also has been incorporated in many modern dances, i.e. the flamingo dance.



These are smaller than pigeons and are long tailed with short beaks in their appearances. They are off white and cream white in colour usually. Doves are found throughout the world and these birds are also a symbol of romance as well as peace.

According to many Greek mythologies these birds were used as symbols of peace to end the war between the fighting gods.

Also, these birds are a great letter bearer and during early Mongol times they used to carry messages in their beaks or around their necks for many people.


They are beautiful birds which have a slight resemblance to many types of birds such as the storks, geese and spoonbills etc.

Another name for heron is egret or bittern. Their locality is usually near wetlands.

These feed on aquatic life such as shrimps, small fish and crabs. 


These nocturnal birds hunt in the night for insects, mammals and even other small birds. Although some of its species have become endangered more attempts to protect them have begun. This bird with its big and round eyes has been symbolised as the bird of wisdom.

There are many different varieties of owls and many of these are found all over the world except for regions of Antarctica, Russia and a few remote islands.

A very interesting and unique feature of owls is that it can rotate its head in any direction that means a complete 360 degree turn of the head too and it is the only bird that can do this.


They are perhaps one of the most mystifying creatures with its ability to make holes in a solid wooden tree and that too with a tiny but sharp beak.

Its name originated because of the tapping sound it makes when it pecks on the tree trunks. Some scientists claim that the sound it makes can be a mating call, or maybe it a means of communication or to find insects.

However, one thing is clear that these tiny creatures are a delight to listen to. These birds are usually seen in rural areas early in the morning.

When we see all the beautiful birds around us they remind us that after every night’s sleep we all should look forward to the morning sun, sound and all the blessings it brings along with us. Let us thank these birds for reminding us that no matter how busy you are, a minute of looking at nature around you can release all the tension you have.


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