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Una Has Some New Friends

Updated on February 7, 2020

Una's fellow "expats" are hangin out at Akya's Website

Una is well and is growing everyday, towards her adult weight of 50 to 65 pounds. She has been going to 'puppy day care' one day a week and has been attending a puppy obedience training class on Saturday mornings. A busy schedule, but she seems to enjoy the balance of playing with other dogs her own age and simply hanging out in the house on the the other days of the week. I am fortunate in my work, as I am able to go home for lunch and we play a little bit and then it is back to the couch/guarding the house from the vantage point in front of the window. Una is very bright and quite energetic and has a sweet disposition, but she is no pushover!. She likes to see if the human members of her little 'pack-of-three' are paying attention; Una's favorite method of testing the other members of the family is to offer to play her favorite game, which is the, "what? why these are my socks! if you leave them lying about, then by Law of Floor, they are mine !" game.

Despite all her duties, Una appears to be quite comfortably settled into her new home.. Given that the internet was such a key aspect in finding the Chodsky Pes breed in general, and Una in particular, it should come as no surprise that I am meeting more and more people who have done the same thing. Many emails and Comments wishing Una well in her life, here in the States. I occasionally joke that Una has more 'frequent flier' miles than I do!
The thing about the internet, that impresses me so much, is that it allows such an ease of sharing interests and information between people anywhere on the planet. Whether it is at sites like these Hub Pages or it is a standalone website or even a place like youtube (which in and of itself is pretty amazing! take a video on your phone...upload it to youtube...get a link...send to a friend and it is there, sight and sound in High Def! incredible!).
In any event, along with being a chronicle of Una's life and times in her adopted country, we will be sharing information and videos and photos with others who have found their way to this breed and brought a dog (or dogs) from the Czech Republic to their own countries and homes.
There is no shortage of dog lovers in the world. People who love dogs and give them a place in their families, no different from their own sons and daughters, fathers and mothers or any other relative. Having said that, the people I am meeting of late, those who have their own Chodsky Pes, seem a little more, something ... Everyone understands that to acquire anything worthwhile, there are always hurdles to jump, obstacles to overcome; but these (CP) people, they have had to learn about a whole different set of hurdles, then they need to figure out how to jump them (in the right order) and finally they (still) have to jump them all, to end up with a Chodsky pup in their homes.
Hats off to all who have done this thing (and for those who would like to do what we have done, information and advice is freely available.)

So to wrap this Hub up, Una is doing well, very active, loves going to the Beach. She appears to be getting accustomed to the sounds of the nocturnal fauna in our locale. We have quite an interesting (nighttime) soundtrack of howls and hoots, yowls and yips that issue from the woods surrounding our house. Una has taken her duties as watchdog quite seriously and alerts us to the approach of any and all lifeforms that come within earshot of the house at night. She has yet to learn a skill that our first dog, Ola had; the ability to bark with her mouth closed! If it happened to be nighttime, Ola would somehow bark out of the side of her mouth , a muffled 'woof'. effective, yet discrete! Una does have great instincts when it comes to protecting hearth and home, so I am sure she will come up with something to serve for the 2:00 am there is something in the woods! , alerts.
In any event, if you have a site or a Hub relating to the Chodsky Pes breed, let me know and I will be happy to place it here, among Una's Hubs. At the moment, we are sharing information with Patrick (in Belgium) who has a very nice site for his CP, Akya. In fact, he has invited us to share (on a page in that site) videos and photos of Una.

I have also heard from Willem and Margreet, (from) Bruchterveld Holland who have 2 CPs. and I have a note from Mats who has a Chodsky Pes site and also (from) Pam Phillips who has 2 CPs in the UK.

Will keep you up-to-date as Una grows...

P.S. Una is scheduled to be spayed in another week (4/21/2011) and you know I will have pictures...Una and her Cone!! lol (We have been through this process with both Ola and Bella, and the most surprising thing to me has always been how quickly they accept the fact that the cone stays on until the stitches heal! Maybe they like the enhanced hearing!)

...are you lookin at me?
...are you lookin at me?

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