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Understanding What Dog Fence Systems Are

Updated on October 2, 2016
Dogs can be contained by using invisible dog fence.
Dogs can be contained by using invisible dog fence.

How the Electric Dog Fence Came About

Because of his love for dogs, Richard Peck of Philadelphia invented the invisible dog fence to keep dogs away from trouble and from being killed or injured along the road. He first worked with an electronic engineer doing trial and error until they successfully launched the first ever electric dog fence.

The system has a dog collar, a transmitter, and wire which will be placed around the area you want the dog to stay in. If the dog will attempt to leave the boundary fence where the wire is placed, the collar will give him an electric sting. Because of this extra feeling it will give to your dog, Mr. Peck further studied if there will be negative side effects to the dog health and the study returned a negative result thereby prompting him to continue marketing the product.

Today, other companies adopted the idea and came up with their own designs and concepts of the invisible dog fence system. Let us take a look at one of the companies selling this product on Amazon and read what users are saying about it.

A Review of Extreme Dog Fence’s Electric Dog Fence System

Extreme Dog Fence packaged an electric dog fence system which can cover up to 1/3 acres of land with its very high quality underground wire which is UV resistant and is also ideal for underground burial. The whole set of the system includes 1 Digital Underground Dog Fence Transmitter, 1 Waterproof Receiver Collar, 500 ft. 14 Gauge Polyethylene Coated Boundary Wire, 50 ft. 16 Gauge Twisted Wire, 50 Boundary Flags, and 2 Waterproof Splices.

All items in the set are guaranteed with high quality and are all made in the USA. You have the chance to expand the boundary for up to 10 acres of land with enough purchase of additional underground wires only.

Extreme Dog Fence packed your electric dog fence essentials in just one box.
Extreme Dog Fence packed your electric dog fence essentials in just one box.

What Users are Saying about Extreme Dog Fence System?

Longer Lasting and Less Maintenance

The wire is proven to be more durable than other cheaper brands and the battery has a longer lasting life. The surge protector also has a lifetime warranty.

Easy Installation Feature

Installation of the wire depending on the boundary will take only 2-3 hours using the instructions which are very easy to follow.

Remarkable Customer Service

After purchasing your product, there is still consistent customer service. They will help you technically during the installation process for any problem that arises. When you will need additional items to cover your requirements, they will suggest more convenient ways to avail of items in a cheaper price. Their service is also always on time and they are ready to answer your calls and e-mails in a short period of time.

Dogs Love the Collar

For some breed, they will not respect the system as if the electric shock is nothing to them but with proper training, they will soon stay inside the boundary. It has a 5 level programmed shock depending on your pet’s needs and the distance around the boundary. The wider the boundary is, the higher the level you will set but also depends on how your pet will react to it. Also, it gives your dog more freedom to play in the yard than using a chain.


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