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Unusual Horses

Updated on November 10, 2016

Vintage photographs of unusual horses:

Blue Bell (1871)

Another view of Blue Bell
Another view of Blue Bell

The entirely hairless mare "Blue Bell" was first reported upon in 1871.

Bell was a draft horse of unspecified breed who changed hands several time at rapidly accelerating prices as the profit to be made from exhibiting her became clear.

Like other known hairless horses she was a spontaneous "sport" or "freak". Hairless horses have occurred sporadically through history and to the present day.

Many hairless horses, including Blue Bell, have an appearance suggesting they would be black or grey if normally coated. And hairless of the tail (rat tail) is also associated with black tails. So I wonder if this a color-related mutation.

White Wings (1890)

White Wings was exhibited in circus sideshows because of his remarkably long mane and tail. In fact quite a few horses seem to have been displayed under the same name.

The first of them being a Percheron stallion. His tail was 17 feet long. Other famous lineages shown for their long hair include Linus and Prince Chaldean.

Hiram (1907)

In 1907 Hiram was considered the largest horse alive at 21 Hands/3065 pounds. Qute a few horses have now exceeded those dimensions.

See other huge horses here.

Curly Horse (1950s)


Conley the horse was famous for having a curly coat all over. He was photographed by Bernard Kobel, a photographer who collected and sold pictures of human and animal oddities.

Unnamed Pony (1951)

This small and very hairy pony turned up at a stockyard in Salt Lake City, Utah. It's appearance caused some to suggest it had "the hind legs of a steer, the hair of a yak and the beard of a goat."


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    • profile image

      hlwar 3 years ago

      Interesting article!

      I've seen photos of White Wings and carnival Percherons before, which was surprising because I never thought draft horses could grow luxuriously long hair before. We usually think of breeds like Andalusians and Friesians when thinking of hoof-length manes, like Garrido:

    • profile image

      Cassandra 5 years ago

      The fuzzy horse at the bottom has cushings disease.