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Veganism a journey to self discovery and compassion......

Updated on June 19, 2013

CSA (Community-Supported Agriculture) small box content (Co

Organic and locally grown fruits, vegetables, herbs, and flowers that can be delivered weekly to your house....
Organic and locally grown fruits, vegetables, herbs, and flowers that can be delivered weekly to your house.... | Source

Robot me not !!!

It is quite funny...people are doing the same things everyday without really thinking about what they are actually doing....almost like robots who are indoctrinated or brainwashed from birth. This robot was me...!! Yes I have been eating meat from toddlerhood to about December 2011, well into my late thirties...!! I was a marionette following what society had taught me for years without ever questionning it. Children and babies receive stuffed animals to hug when they are scared, lonely, and want comfort, they are taken to the zoo to see animals, and sometimes pet them. They are even given pets to amuse them and keep them occupied, teach them how to take care of them, and make them compassionate. Children clothing and toys have animals on them.... well,..ironically,.... it seems like they live in an animal fantasy world...!!!

So what happened to us when we are adult..?? It is astounding....we loose contact with nature....!! We become lost in our modern society....What was once important to us couldn't matter less..!! Time, stress, money, desensitizarion, societal pressure, are all barriers for us to feel compassionate and take the time to live and appreciate what we have now and what animals bring to our lives. Hunters kill animals and we think that is alright because it is called a sport...!!! Animals are slaughtered by the thousands for revenue and tortured on a daily basis like they were plastic dolls and yet we keep eating meat on a daily basis without clearly thinking about where it came from and the horrendous life this one animal had before it ended up in our plate. Thank you for the people who infiltrates the fur, meat, dairy, and egg industries because without them people wouldn't be aware of the atrocities animals go through on a daily basis in slaughter houses, dairy farms, fur factories, and so on.....Those videos have opened my eyes and I have sworn not to touch meat, dairy, leather, and fur ever again because now I am aware and alive....!!! We use animals as our slaves...we ride horses, we make them pull loads, we put them in circus to make them do ridiculous tricks, we put them in cages, we experiment on them, we put them in tiny aquariums for our own sellfish enjoyment,etc.....we emprisonn them..!!! Animals need to be free and we need to stop controlling them and everything around them like if they were ours. We are not the Superior specie because if we were we wouldn't treat them as such....!!

Corporations are definitively not people because their employees would do anything to get a paycheck and their executives only cares about their revenue. Every time I watch these horrendous videos about animal abuse and torture, it brings tears to my eyes !! It is almost like I feel their pain...!! How can innocent creatures so eager to please us be abused, tortured, enslaved, hunted down, neglected, and killed slowly ?? We chose to reintroduce the wolf in our forest and now it is hunted down because there are too many of them. Killing is not the answer...but it sure gives an excuse for hunters to play their sport...!! Who do we think we are to do that to a different specie that has emotions and feel pain just like we do ?? We are so endoctrinated to think that this is normal that we don't even think about it and can't even react anymore...!! Some people would say :"but they are only animals and you have to put humans first" ! And I say to that :"What if you were one of them or if it was your pet or if you could feel their pain....!! It is not because they can't talk that animals are a subspecie......People don't treat babies and disabled people like subspecies so why animals ?? Moreover, if we always had to put people first, then who would fight for animal rights and other issues ??? The Native Americans killed animals because they had to to feed themselves. The options were scarced but they were grateful and they honored animals..!! They killed quickly and thanked the animals to have given them their life.

Nowadays, we have lots of options that don't include meat, dairy, and eggs....!! Meat is fattening and creates cardiovascular diseases, diabetis, cancer, and eggs contains cholesterol which will clog your arteries and give you hypertension, milk doesn't even contain as much calcium as almond milk and green leafy vegetables and creates allergies.

Pigs are in crates so small they can't even turn around, needless to say they never see the sunlight, chicks beaks are cut without anesthesia, cattles are being kicked, fork lifted, decapitated, dolphins are being sliced alive, cows are continuously impregnated to give milk and never ever see their babies, male lambs are killed and their stomach content (rennet) is used to make cheese. Meanwhile adds on TV are telling people to drink milk, why because it is good for you ?? No it is actually not but they won't tell you that because the dairy industry has to keep more customers coming to buy more milk....!! Got milk ??? Why do so many people are lactose intolerant ??? Because milk is not for people, it is for babies...!! Goat milk is for baby goats and cow milk is for baby cows......I can tell you one thing with the right diet and exercise you will feel like a new person and you will discover new tastes, learn how to cook, and never regret your compassionate new life....Personnally, I don't miss meat, eggs, and dairy at all because of all the vegan options that are available. I did have a taste for leather goods ,such as shoes and bags, and it is still hard nowadays to resist to buy them ,but I won't because I am on a mission to an alternative lifestyle that treats every specie with decency.

I have three dogs and love them dearly. One day I was questionning this.. like I always question everythink and so should you.....Why do I treat my dogs like family members and why do I eat other animals that have the same feelings as my dogs ?? Yes... the answer must be because they are pets and cattles and other farm animals aren't...!!! Well that is simply not good enough because by choosing the easy answer it makes us feel better and it appeases our conscience....The easy answer is never the right answer !!! And, also, the easy route is never the right one....otherwise if things were too easy we wouldn't learn anything, would we !!

We are here for a reason and that is to learn from our mistakes and teach other the right way to create a better future. Do what is right but not what you want !!!! My favorite quote is from M. Ghandi : Be the Change You Want to See in The World....!!! Just do it from Nike..!! Action speaks louder than words...!!! All this involves time, patience, work, courage, sweat, and persistence. By doing something positive, you are not only helping yourself but others around you, it has rebounding effect....and it is very rewarding ,unlike shopping addictions that are short term fixes. And before you know it people will adopt your methods and ways to compassionate living......

Vegan pizza with my personal touch

A la natural dessert

Vegan home dish

Vegan home dish with "fake chicken"

The "fake" chicken is crispy and tastes better than regular chicken....It can be found at Whole Foods Markets or Sprouts.....
The "fake" chicken is crispy and tastes better than regular chicken....It can be found at Whole Foods Markets or Sprouts.....

Lettuce wraps

Made with veggies, tempeh, onions, and cooked with soya sauce and condiments
Made with veggies, tempeh, onions, and cooked with soya sauce and condiments

Color Me Vegan by Colleen Patrick-Goudreau

This is a Vegan cookbook by color. The recipes are delicious and the book has pictures. It can be found at Sprouts.

Philip Wollen : The GREAT Debate

The best speech you'll ever hear with Gary Yourofsky


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