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Vets in Newquay Cornwall for Holidaymakers

Updated on June 11, 2011

If you're on holiday in Newquay and you need to find emergency vets in Newquay, then you need to find a vet quickly. In your own home town, you know where to go, when the vet's open - and what to do. Vets in Newquay probably wasn't on your holiday packing list though!

Most dog owners love to take their pet on holiday with them - and in a strange town their beloved pet is more susceptible to little accidents than on their home ground.

Vets in Newquay are used to dealing with the pets of holidaymakers, but you still need to locate the nearest one, one that's open.

There are many extra dangers for pets in Newquay. Firstly, on some of the coastal walks there are adders in the long grass (Holywell Bay Golf Course is popular with walkers looking for the Holy Well - and adders often slither across the grass), but the most common injuries seem to be when small dogs fall down mine shafts and over cliffs. Although we see the high profile cases on the television news, where a pet's been rescued, there are hundreds more where the pet has simply fallen and is rescued within a couple of minutes by the owner, but he's hurt, a bleeding paw, a scraped face - and you need a vet in Newquay fast.

Pet Care on Holiday in Newquay, Cornwall

Be extra careful with your pooch on your holidays. S/he'll be all excited, especially when you take them into caves on the beaches, or up on the cliffs.

Try to keep your pooch on a lead until you're sure you know what's around you. On clifftops there are a lot of uncapped old mines, pets can fall into these. An excited dog, near a cliff edge, might rush to chase a seagull, then fall from the top of the 100' cliffs.

Make sure your pet enjoys his holiday as much as you do - and I hope you never have to use this list or map while on your holidays.... but it's here just in case you do.

Emergency Vets in Newquay

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A markerPenmellyn, St Columb Major: 24 Hour Vet & Animal Hospital -
Station Road, St Columb Major, Cornwall TR9 6BX, UK
get directions

B markerClifton Villa Vets, Newquay: 24 Hour Vet Surgery -
53 Henver Road, Newquay, Cornwall TR7 3DQ, UK
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C markerPenmellyn, Newquay -
152 Henver Road, Newquay, Cornwall TR7 3EQ, UK
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D markerPenmellyn, St Merryn -
Riviera, St Merryn, Padstow, Cornwall PL28 8NR, UK
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E markerClifton Villa Vets, St Columb Road -
St Francis Road, St Columb Road, St Columb, Cornwall TR9 6EZ, UK
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F markerW Clifton Green: DO NOT USE - CLOSED DOWN -
1 Edgcumbe Gardens, Newquay, Cornwall TR7 2QD, UK
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Included for clarity, this vet has closed.

Source: US Air Force.
Source: US Air Force.

Penmellyn, 24 Hour Vet & Animal Hospital

The Penmellyn vets is outside of Newquay, but they operate a 24 hour service and have a newly built, hospital-standard animal hospital on site.The Penmellyn Group have three veterinary practices in the area, at St Columb Major, in Newquay and at St Merryn.

Location: Penmellyn, Station Road, St Columb Major, Cornwall, TR9 6BX
Telephone: 01637 880307

From Newquay, this is about a 10 minute drive.


Clifton Villa: 24 Hour Emergency Vet

Clifton Villa Vet Surgery is part of a larger group, they have three full-time vets based in Newquay.

Location: 53 Henver Road, Newquay, TR7 3DQ

Surgery Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 8am-7pm. Sat 9am-1pm

Emergency Number: 01637 851122 (24 Hours)

Clifton Villa is a general vets, but operates a 24 hour emergency number. They are RCVS Accredited.  Also known as Duchy Veterinary Hospital.

W Clifton Green: DO NOT USE THIS VET

Most people who are local to Newquay, but who don't have a pet, might tell you there's a vet in Edgcumbe Gardens. W Clifton Green.

DO NOT USE THIS VET. This is old information and Mr Green retired a few years back, the old vet practice has now been sold off and is a second home now.


I live near this vet and am forever seeing people looking for the vet's here, it's heart-breaking as holidaymakers get out of their cars with their limp-bodied pets in their arms, looking for the vets, looking at the building and being confused it looks run-down and there's no sign.

There is no vet in Edgcumbe Gardens.


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