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Vizsla's Rule

Updated on September 16, 2011

For those of you that know a Vizsla or have ever known one I am sure you will be able to relate. The Vizsla breed is very unique. First of all Vizsla's are very comical. They are extremely smart and they seem to enjoy playing practical jokes on each other and their owners. We have owned pairs of Vizsla's for about 25 years now. First there was Elvis and Zsa Zsa littermates. Elvis was a very sweet gentleman and let's just say Zsa Zsa was not. She ruled! Basically a wonderful dog but Zsa Zsa got her way. Elvis lived to be 16 even with Diabetes and Epilepsy. His face was completely white and he looked like a very wise older gentleman. Zsa Zsa passed away at 8, she had a rare auto immune disease. It was very sad.

I was not able to have children so in the beginning Elvis and Zsa Zsa were our babies. In fact they were in our photo we used on our birthletter for open adoption. Very loving dogs. Ok so we mastered the doggie situation so we decided to adopt our first child. We were blessed with a Son. I remember when we brought him home he was just a few days old. So small 4 lbs 10 oz. He was so precious. Elvis and Zsa Zsa loved him and they would lay by him as if they were protecting him. I think they thought he was their puppy. If he cried they would get all upset. They never left his side except to sleep at night of course in our bed under the covers.

Yes all Vizsla's sleep under the covers. They like to even have their heads covered,,,,

After the first set of Vizsla Dogs I learned there was something every Vizsla owner knew and we just learned........Vizsla Rules!

1. The Vizsla is not allowed in the house.

2. Okay, the Vizsla is allowed in the house, but only in certain rooms.

3. The Vizsla is allowed in all rooms, but has to stay off the furniture!

4. The Vizsla is only allowed on the old furniture.

5. Fine, the Vizsla is allowed on all the furniture, but is not allowed to sleep with the humans on the bed.

6. All right, the Vizsla is allowed on the bed, but only by invitation.

7. The Vizsla can sleep on the bed whenever he wants, but not under the covers.

8. The Vizsla can sleep under the covers every night.

9. Humans must ask permission to sleep under the covers with the Vizsla!

10. In all cases of dispute.....the Vizsla rules!!!

By the time Zsa Zsa passed away we had adopted our second son. It was sad to lose Zsa Zsa they become family members just like our children.

Of course I thought Elvis was lonely.....So we found Bridget Vizsla number 3. Zsa Zsa times 2. Bridget was a sweet beautiful Vizsla but once again she was in charge. Elvis was just so sweet.

Two kids, two dogs, two cars....Surburbia. Life is good. The kids loved to play with the dogs and we would take them hiking and running. Vizsla's love to run. They have so much energy. They love to swim in the river too. Vizsla's are a very very clean dog. They clean themselves like a cat. In fact they are known for that. In all the years we have had Vizsla's we have never had a flea. For some reason they do not get fleas. We have not treated them either. Very clean dogs.

Elvis was getting very old. He just turned 16 and we got up one day and he was not acting right...I looked at him and he had a huge bulge on his side. I knew something was wrong. We all rushed to the vet. When the vet saw him she knew. She took him in the back and then came into the room and said that his stomach had is called GVD and very painful. Sweet sweet Elvis did not even whine. He just laid there. Our vet said he has had a long wonderful life and I do not think he would make it through the surgery. He is 16 years old. I had not ever put a dog to sleep in my life and I was broken hearted. She said He is in a lot of pain I think it is time. So all of us, my husband myself and my 2 sons got down on the floor with Elvis and kissed him and we all held him and pet him. It only took a few seconds for him to go to sleep I had not ever had to do that before and it really took a tolle on all of us. We went home very quiet. I am glad that Elvis had so much love he was a true gentleman.

Of course I thought Bridget was lonely so along came Dakota a big beautiful Vizsla. Another sweetheart. Of course Bridget laid the law down right away.

Dakota was a very funny Vizsla. He was a ham. He loved to talk. He would talk all the time as though he was telling a story. Dakota is a excellent dog. Very smart and well behaved, when he wants to be. He really loved Bridget and would follow her all the time and of course she thought he was annoying. When the kids had their friends over which was often Dakota would like to hang out with them like he was one of the guys. Bridget was not as lively as Dakota and liked to sleep a lot. So many years had passed. The kids are getting big and the rest of us are aging.

Watching your children grow up is so bittersweet. You are so happy for them to experience life but at the same time they are needing you less and less. So many times I felt like my doggies were my best friends. They love you so much. Unconditionally. Did you know that Dog is God spelled backward? Miracles with paws.

I woke up one day and I said Bridget has a bump on her head. `I was not sure what it was I thought maybe they were rough housing around and she hit her head. The next day I woke up and the bump was bigger so I took her to the vet.

The vet ran many tests on Bridget and discovered she had a very rare form of Cancer! She ask us to take her for an evaluation to a specialized vet that worked with dogs that had cancer. Bridget was 9. She was always healthy until the day she woke up with the bump on her head. We took Bridget to the special vet and I had to laugh as soon as she met the vet she was in love. Even my husband laughed the way she acted. He was tall, dark and hadsome and had a very charming personality. His assistant said that is ok Bridget all the ladies feel that way about the Doctor. Bridget didn't even mind being there she was smitten. Sadly after all the testing they told me it was a rare form of cancer and it was swift. She became very sick very fast. The bump on her head became a large grapefruit size tumor. Within 4 weeks Bridget was very very sick she could barely get up. I talked with the vet every day and I knew they thought I should put her to sleep but that was so hard for me. Somehow the vet realized I was having a hard time. I just could not make her get in the car and go to the vet. The told me they could come to our home. As a family we decided to have them come Bridget could not breathe very well at this point. I remember the day that the vet was going to come my friend stopped by to see Bridget and I was in the bedroom with her she was laying on the bed and I was sitting with her talking to her petting her and Dakota our 2 year old male was sitting there watching and taking it all in. He adored Bridget. He followed her everywhere. She loved him too but she thought he was so annoying. A real 2 year old. My friend came in and she sat down beside Bridget and I said I am going to take a shower because I had just been with Bridget. She was sleeping. When I walked out I looked at Dakota and I said now Dak be quiet Bridget is sick just be calm. As soon as I walked out I could hear Dakota telling my friend all about everything then he got rowdy and I had to laugh. He was a good boy until I walked out the door. That was my Dakota. Wonderful but naughty. That evening the vet came to our house and once again we all sat on the bed petting Bridget and talking to her. My children were telling her how much they loved her and what a good dog she had been. Even Dakota was laying there. I was just crying a deep heartfelt cry. I could not even talk. Once again it only took a few minutes and then she was gone. I thought life is so short. We have our dogs for a very short time when you look at the whole picture and yet they bring us so much joy and love. I could not imagine my life without dogs. I have loved each of them as though they were a child of mine. In that moment I kept thinking Dog spelled backward is God and I know why. They are like angels sent here for us. So many times in my life my dogs have helped me through a hard time. Just their unconditional love.....Angels. We are lucky to have them even for a short while.

The one thing about life, it goes on. I think they teach us how to let go with their short time here.

Once again I thought Dakota must be lonely so here comes Bella the most beautiful little Vizsla. Adorable! She was niece to Dakota and I thought great. Well we see Karma at it's best. Bella just loved Dakota and he was so annoyed with her. Every day he would tell me off. His talking is so funny.

Bella was just a sweetheart and Dakota too. They both played and played and really Dak did love Bella once he got used to her. These are the 2 funniest I have ever had. Both are very smart and they work at outsmarting each other and sometimes they gang up on us.

Dakota is a kisser and Bella is a cuddle bug. They both try to push each other out of the way to sit by one of us. The way they do it is so funny. Bella will literally slap Dakota with her paw. I have not seen a dog do that before. Dak will complain to me and he will sit his bottom on the couch and his feet on the floor. The whole time telling me how Bella is so spoiled. They get into slapping wars. Bella taught Dak how to slap so when they are fighting over something they slap each other it is comical to watch. They don't hurt each other. When Dakota is sleeping and Bella wants to play she will keep hitting him with her paw until he finally wakes up. Then it is on! These 2 have brought a lot of laughter.Bella is a little kooky but we love her. She is a spinner or tail chaser. We have really had to work with her through gentle loving approaches. We worked with a behavioralist and apparently it is an actual disease called Cannine Compulsive Disorder. just like OCD in people. She is 6 now and so much better but it was hard she only spins once in a while she used to do it all the time. It was strange it just started one day when she was a few months old. Bella is a great dog and so is Dakota. We are a family of 6! My Sons are almost grown I have a Senior and a Junior in high school. Both big football stars but as big as they are both over 6 ft they still are so loving and kind and they love the doggies and the doggies love them. If you are reading this blog you probably love your pooches as much as we do. They add so much to our lives. I am so thankful for my doggies...All of them have had a special place in my heart.


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