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Wednesday's To Horse Lovers

Updated on April 17, 2019
Ellison Hartley profile image

Ellison is a professional horse trainer and riding instructor. She runs a summer camp program and offers kids a safe introduction to horses.

Wednesday, Halfway Through The Week!

Continuing on with the horse lovers interpretations of the days of the week, it is time to talk about Wednesday!


"W" stands for work week halfway through. This is a big deal, it means you are closer to the weekend days when you will have free time. Free time that you can spend with your horse.

"W" stands for water jump. Some horses think that sharks live in water jumps. It can take quite a bit of convincing to get them to believe otherwise.

"W" is also for water, since everyone knows you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink!



"E" stands for every day you think about horses. Not a day goes by that you don't have horses on your mind.

"E" stands for English saddle. Some of us ride English, some of us ride western. Some of us ride bareback, we just want to ride!

"E" stands for Equestrian, the term we use to describe ourselves when horse crazy sounds too juvenile.


"D" is for don't forget to pay your board bill.

"D" is also for don't forget to schedule your vet and farrier appointments.

"D" is also for dawn. If you are a horse owner you are probably quite familiar with getting up at the crack of dawn to get to the barn.



"N" is for never say never. For example, if you say you will never own a chestnut mare, but yet you fall in love with one and buy it!

"N" is for new riding clothes. Always so exciting!

"N" is for no the answer you give to all your friends who want to bring their kids over to ride your horse!

Not Another "E" Again!

Here we are at "E" again!

"E" is for extra money. Yea, basically horse people don't have any. If we do, we find a way to spend it on our horse.

"E" is for endless sleepless nights in a cold barn if your horse gets sick. You could never leave him alone in the cold dark barn!

"E" is for eating ramen noodles three times a day so you can afford riding lessons


"S" is for selling your horse. What are you kidding me? That is the last thing on earth any of us what to do!

"S" is for selling off everything you own in order to pay for your horse's many blankets, fancy shoeing and show entries.

"S" is for show. Some of us love to show. Some of us don't have a competitive bone in our body. Either way, the word show is definitely a word associated with horse crazy people.



Another "D"

"D" is for dressage. Some riders love it and some riders despise it. All riders will admit it is beautiful to watch at the upper levels.

"D" is for Domino's pizza tonight for dinner. It was a long night at the barn and no horse crazy person in their right mind cooks on these nights.

"D" is for a deal. Horse lovers love good deals. On anything, horse related or non-horse related. The more money we save, the more we can spend on horses!


"A" is always call in advance if you can't make your riding lesson. It only takes a few seconds to be courteous to your instructor and let them know you won't be there.

"A" is for April, sometimes a good riding month. Sometimes not so much if it rains a lot. Either way, when April arrives we know the good weather isn't that far off anymore.

"A" is for apple. Every day horse crazy people all over the world buy apples to feed their horses. This is a known fact.


"Y" is for yawning. We do a lot of that after a hard lesson or long day of barn chores.

"Y" is for yes! Any horse crazy person in their right mind will say yes when given an opportunity to ride. They might even say yes to barn chores if it earns them time in the saddle.

"Y" is for yesterday. Yesterday evening at the barn is when you wish it was when you are driving to work or sitting in your seat at school. Yesterday we spent time with our horses!


Until Tomorrow...

That's Wednesday for ya! Stay tuned for Thursday!


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