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Most Common Health Problems In Dogs

Updated on September 27, 2016

Dog health issues are an unavoidable part of owning a canine companion. Fortunately, most of the most common conditions are not a death sentence for your animal and can be treated. Unfortunately, many types of dogs are genetically programmed to have these conditions because of their size or breed. Below you will find information on some of the more popular health conditions that affect dogs.


Constipation is a condition that most people already are aware of. Yes, it can happen to your dog. Any dog can be the victim of a case of constipation regardless of breed, age or size. The most common causes of constipation are poor diet, medications or being dehydrated. It is easy to treat this problem and can be remedied by a quick trip to your vet.


If you have ever been lucky enough to own a dog who has lived to see old age you have most likely been unlucky enough to see them suffering from arthritis. This is a disorder that is caused by inflammation of the joints. Arthritis in dogs is exactly like any type of arthritis to affect humans. If your dog is limping, acting like they are in pain when they move, or have lost any desire to play or run around they are probably suffering from this condition. Arthritis is more common in breeds that are larger in size and heavier in weight. It is treatable, but in some cases if the dog is in a lot of pain they may have to be put to sleep.


Deafness is common among many different breeds of dogs. This problem can sometimes be the result of a hereditary issue. A dog can either be born deaf, or it can develop this condition later in life. Deafness is a result of nerves inside of the ear that has degenerated over time. There is typically no way to cute this problem. However, you can teach your dog how to obey sign launguage as a way to cope with it.

Hip Dysplasia

Hip Dysplasia can be the cause of arthritis as well. However, it is a condition all of its own. This disorder is genetic so if you have a dog who has suffered from this, and they have had puppies you should be aware that the puppies may grow to have the same problem. This health problem is a result of the socket joint and ball not working the way that they should any longer. Your dog will show many of the same signs as they would with arthritis. Treatment may include surgery but in most cases, this illness can be cured, and your dog can continue to live a happy life.

Fleas and Ticks

Parasites such as worms and ticks are very common in the world of dogs. Most puppies will receive deworming shots not long after they are born. Worms are very noticeable in your animals bowls and can be cured by medication that you would receive from your vet. This is the same story with fleas and ticks; a simple medication can help keep them away from your furry friends. It is easy for dogs to contract these heath issues, but they are not life threatening when taken care of properly.


There are many shots your puppy will need to have shortly after they are born. It is important that you get these done. If ignored, your canine friend could suffer from some serious viruses such as parvo. This is not something that you want to watch your small friend go through, trust me. Make sure you keep your little one up to date on their shots!

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