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What Makes A Cat Frisky

Updated on March 28, 2017

Your Cat Is Like A Small Kid

Think of your cat as a small kid: if you really want to make a small kid get so happy and frisky, what do you need?

Food? of course it comes in the first place, but is food what really makes a small kid enjoy his time.No, because what makes a kid really enjoy his time is playing with toys.So, think of your cat as a small kid who needs toys to be graceful and playful.

My Cat Is So Frisky

My cat as an example is not as frisky as she used to be: in the past, she plays and runs around once in a blue moon, but now she is, more or less, all the time playing and running around and so frisky, and she even plays with me: she scraches me and run so that I will run after her.

With Small Balls She Can Enjoy More

She does all this just because of two small balls that I bought her.They make her go crazy.That is really so funny.After I had bought her those two small balls, she became addicted to playing with them that she plays with them everyday.Indeed, those balls really help my cat enjoy her time.

It Is High Time You Bought Her A Toy

What are you waiting for?It is high time you bought your cat some small balls, or you can buy her a mouse toy.Indeed, a mouse toy that moves with a remote control can really make your cat enjoy her time.Not only will she enjoy her time, but you also will enjoy.She thinks that those small mouses are real because she can not distinguish between a real mouse and a mouse toy especially that she sees it move and run.

With the remote control in your hand, you can make that toy run here and there and she will run after it.It is really so funny.You will be laughing crazily.


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