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What are the best toys for a cat?

Updated on December 26, 2014

Household scraps as toys!

Just some things lying about the house that make great toys for your furry friend
Just some things lying about the house that make great toys for your furry friend

First, take a look around your house

Before you rush off to buy toys for your cat, take a look around your house. Chances are, there are things your cat already considers the best toys ever. But of course there are great toys being manufactured and sold that your cat will go nuts over!

  • rubber bands
  • pens and pencils
  • ribbon (nothing small enough for them to ingest)
  • wads of paper or newspaper balls
  • paper clips
  • milk jug rings or caps
  • paper bags, boxes
  • yarn or string

Your cats favorite toys

What are your cats most favorite toys?

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Playtime is not over-rated

How often do you play with your cat?

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Signs your cat needs to play

Sometimes a cat will develop bad behavior problems if they are bored, or feel neglected. Play is stress relieving, natural and helps mimic a feline's natural predatory instinct. Here are some signs your cat may need more playtime!

  • Kittens-they just need more playtime
  • Aggression and biting
  • Curtain climbing
  • They may tear up your furniture or rugs
  • They may race around the house at obnoxious hours, like when you are trying to sleep!
  • Over-eating
  • Depression
  • Mewing kittens (they may need teething rings, just like a baby)

Why play with your cat?

Cats, much like people need to play for many reasons. They need exercise and they need time to bond with you, kind of like a child, but not as annoying as a dog. Kittens much like babies also need toys to help with teething pain.

Play time helps eliminate boredom, depression, and obesity in your cat, it also helps encourage their natural need to hunt, pounce and prey, even if only on an inanimate object.

There are so many toys available now for felines that you should have no excuse keeping your cat happy healthy and playing!

Best toys

Peek a prize
Peek a prize

What are the best toys for cats? (store bought)

Some toys are better than others. Any toy that helps your cat maintain dental health is definitely one of the best toys you can provide. Some toys have specific fabric that helps eliminate plaque and tartar. Like Doctors Foster and Smith Dental Health Chew Toys.

Teething toys are great for kittens. All babies furry or human go through discomfort when teething, and teether toys can help.

For owners as lazy as their cats, interactive toys are great. The cat can even play when you are not home. Or while you lounge on the sofa. Cat's Meow is super fun.

Tunnels that crinkle and that your cat can run through are fun. Laser pointers, squeaky animals, and don't forget catnip!

Your cats personality will greatly influence what toys are "best" to them, so know your cat. Pay attention to them. See what they like.

Toys that incorporate a scratching post are also very useful, to keep your furniture and curtain in tact.

Get creative to keep your kitty from becoming bored. Make a point to play with different toys on a regular basis. Variety is the spice of life!


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