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What Do You Need When You First Get a Rabbit?

Updated on May 19, 2020
Priscilla Roza profile image

I love all pets but especially rabbits, so here's some awesome rabbit care that you might be interested in learning about!

You're gonna need a whole lot!

A small cage and a water bottle will not do there are a lot more you'll need. If you're not willing to spend a lot of money and time a bunny is not the right pet for you. A bunny has a lot of needs and you should not deprive them of their natural requirements. Not only should you listen to what a rabbit needs but also what they might want, such as treats.


Lets start with the basic things you'll need

Let's start with the obvious, a home for your rabbit. You could use an xpen ( dog exercise pen ), a DIY cage, or free roam. Make sure the cage is at least 16 feet in total. All rabbits shed some more than others but either way, you can't skip out on grooming tools. You'll need a large litterbox, one suitable for a cat. They will need a large water bowl as well as they can drink as much as a large dog. Hay is of utmost importance because it is 80 percent of a rabbits diet and contains fiber.

Lets move on to some more important things, that are not as important

Toys, toys are very very important because they will keep your rabbit stimulated if your rabbits' mind is not being stimulated this can lead to an unhappy rabbit with more aggressive and destructive behaviors, or a more depressed mindset.

Pellets, pellets are like a little side dish to the hay just like veggies. They are not necessary but recommended. Make sure to consult a vet before feeding your rabbit pellets.

First aid kit, now you may let out a chuckle when you see first aid kit on this list but a rabbits health is not a laughing manner. A first aid kit is very important for a rabbit to have.

Fruits and veggies, fruits, and veggies will help your rabbit lead a healthier and more well-rounded diet.

Hidey houses, hidey houses are very important to your rabbit because rabbits are prey animals and they need a place to hide to help with anxiety and comfort. Don't forget they need two exits/entrances.

Carrier, a carrier is so essential for rabbits whether it's going to the vet or on the plane you will need a rabbit carrier.

Bunny proofing supplies, this is so important to have on board to protect your belongings and your rabbits' safety

Honorable mentions for extra supplies you may want to purchase

Bunny Stroller - a bunny stroller is a fun way to cruise around town in style with your bun ( note, a stroller is not for everybun )

Fleece - Fleece is a great way to have a nice little soft spot for your rabbit to freely binky and hop on.

Harness - a harness is a great way to take bunnies on short walks around the grass with but is definitely not for everybun and can cause severe injuries.

Cleaning supplies - you are gonna have a whole lot of a mess so make sure you got the cleaning supplies

A great place for bunny money to be spent


The most important thing is to research the products you purchase!

Not only should you be looking at reviews but you should also know what products are actually suitable for rabbits. The biggest thing you can learn when owning pets is just because a product says it was made for that animal it doesn't mean it actually was. Make sure you know what hay to buy or what a good pellet actually looks like. Before you go out and buy all these products make sure you know everything there is to know about rabbits and agree to all of the terms.

© 2020 Ella Roza


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