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What is A Dog to us Today

Updated on December 10, 2009

What we today perceive our Dog:

Our hunting partners in olden times have now become our friends cum trophies, which we like to show around.  Dog have merely become show pieces for us, which we would if the nature permits will convert into a beautiful sculpture and place in our living room. Only this sculpture will have life, hunger, need to pee and pop and most important Bark.

Today when our society has developed and we have become “modernized”  we also wish our dogs to behave in some isolated way from their normal temperament. And this behavior we expect is considered to be correct from our point of view. But Is is correct?

We don’t really care who lives in the apartment next door, or who is sharing the lift with us or say who is even walking with us. We have become individualistic so we expect our dogs also to feel that way. And that my dear friend is not possible, Dogs are even today animals who live in a pack. That can be only you and him, but they still always are part of that pack.

So all problems which are associated with dogs are not because of something wrong with the canine counterpart but these are lapses on our side. We fail in that bond which was built by our ancestors. To correct any problem which is arising we must always look forward to strengthening that bond and providing each of us with space to live, eat and perform the duties which we are assigned.

Further on in many hubs ahead which I have planned we shall be discussing about problems which have their common roots and shall also be finding best solutions to all these problems. Our main aim stays at bringing the concrete strength back to that bond which once existed between the two most evolved species in this planet. 


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    • Shalini Kagal profile image

      Shalini Kagal 8 years ago from India

      'the two most evolved species on the planet' - I like that and I so agree!