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Best Shampoo for Sarcoptic mange

Updated on April 30, 2012

Sarcoptic Mange Prevention Recommended Products

Sarcoptic Mange Medicine - 8 oz - By Happy Jack
Sarcoptic Mange Medicine - 8 oz - By Happy Jack

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Sarcoptic mange

This is a question that I have been asked severally by a good number of my clients who bring their dogs to the clinic. Most times I stare at them numb, as I wonder how insensitive they are to their pet. My wish is not to condemn any pet owner but as a veterinarian I expect a good number of pet owners to have a clue on what is ailing their pets. You will be surprised to see a lovely dog coming to the clinic with serious mite infection. This makes me feel awful since as clinician I would expect to deal with more serious issues than to treat tick, flea and mite borne diseases I have absolutely no intention to complain due to the inability or negligence of some of my clients but also pointing out my expectation of what a pet owner should do levels the playing field as I endeavor to live up to my call of being the best vet by practicing my profession and living up to the call of my oath to alleviate animal suffering.
That said I now take the opportunity to enlighten you on the subject. Sarcoptic mange is a severe condition that is normally caused by mites that inhabit the skin of the dog. In many cases your dog cannot live in isolation. You may walk him, he may sneak out of the house, you may take him to a dog show, you may visit kennel club and he may meet with other dogs in the neighborhoods in a wide spectrum of platforms. The list is actually endless. This therefore presents your dog with a perfect opportunity to interact with fellow canines and the risk of acquiring a contagious disease like Sarcoptic mange is real in such scenarios. By now you should be thinking about acquiring for him a pet insurance cover for high vet costs you are about to incur. All the same Sarcoptic mange is a real threat to the health of your lovely dog.

How it comes about is through mite infestation, the female mites are notorious and they burrow beneath your dog's skin and they wreak havoc! You may begin to see serious behavior change that is also accompanied by skin lesions suggestive of skin problem. Symptoms may not be as good as the history for accurate diagnosis though they should not be ignored too. If you are the kind of a pet owner who does not regularly wash your dog with proper dog shampoos your dog may be a victim of Sarcoptic mange. To avert the possibility of infection preventive measures are always cheaper than the curative measures taken in the case of Sarcoptic mange.

Due to the fact that the mites are known to hide beneath the skin sometimes accurate diagnosis may be a challenge but this should not be hindrance to treatment being undertaken. Treatment should be done even in a preventive way if the diagnosis is misty.
In conclusion I answered the question that Sarcoptic mange is a mite disease that is seen in dogs. The cats also have similar condition which will constitute another day topic as well as another hub!
I look forward to your engaging questions on the topic.


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