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What is the Best Leash for Your Pet Dog?

Updated on October 23, 2015
Women walking their dog using a leash.
Women walking their dog using a leash.

If you just own a dog, one important tool that you have to secure for him or her is a leash, whether he or she is still a puppy or is in his or her junior or senior years.

A leash is primarily used when walking your dog anywhere, especially in public places. It keeps your dog on your side safe while going around, doing your own thing, or talking to people. Also, under your control, it prevents him or her from defecating or urinating anywhere, chasing other animals, digging up lawns, going wild in the middle of traffic, and even frightening kids and elderly.

In other words, aside from safety purposes, a leash is necessary when training your dog in terms of obedience or just simply teaching new lessons or tricks.

Now, there are actually different types of leashes available in the market today. Each of them has their own specific usage, which you should endeavor to know if you want to be called a good and responsible pet owner.

Here are the 4 main types of dog leashes:


If you are looking for a dog leash that is perfect for daily usage and basic training, the standard type is the perfect one for you. This is actually commonly used by many dog owners when walking their pet in public parks or just strolling around the neighborhood. This is rather the most basic of all the leashes.

The materials used, however, are strong enough to hold your dog comfortably and safely anywhere you go. The most popular ones among pet dog owners are made of nylon and leather because of their extra durability.

The recommended length for standard leashes is actually 6 feet but going below like 4 feet or going up like 8 feet is fine as long as it allows easy grip and control on your part. You don't want it to be too short so that it limits your movement and that of the dog and vice versa. Usually, this type of leash is used to train puppies.


This is recommended after your dog has mastered the basics of walking and obedience training so that he or she goes around without causing any trouble. This leash actually poses potential problems when used to a non-trained dog.

When, for instance, you accidentally lose grip of the base, you can be injured as well as the dog or anyone around. The long leash can also entangle your dog, making him or her at risk of strangulation. And strangulation of course can cause death to your beloved dog or serious injury.

If ever you wonder, a retractable leash or otherwise called flexi-leash actually works like a measuring tape, where you can control the length of the leash, which can take as far as 26 feet. So it allows easy storage but then again, can lead to serious problems when handled or used improperly. As a pet dog owner, you should have mastered using the standard leash before trying this out.


If you are not comfortable with the standard type or with the retractable one, you can go for an adjustable leash. Somewhat similar with standard leashes’ design, this features 3 to 5 loops to adjust its length.

This is good when your dog already knows how to obey and behave in public places. Through the loops, you can reward him or her with a bigger space to stroll around without giving him or her complete freedom.

Basically, the biggest advantage of this leash is its length adjustment capability as the name speaks for itself. So it is more like a combination of the standard and retractable leash. If you want to be safe, then you can go for this type.


This is the type of leash that we usually see during dog shows for small breeds. It is a collar and a leash in one, which also features a larger version. However, this is highly recommended for smaller dogs.

There you have it, the four different types of dog leashes; standard leash for dog trainees, retractable for the well-trained, adjustable for a taste of freedom, and martingale for small or toy breeds.

All of these are to be used when you walk your dog personally. But if ever you don’t have enough time, you can always leave your dog with the highly trusted and professional dog walker.

Which leash is the best for your wonderful pet dog?

You might like to check out this video about the 4 leash walking tips:


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    • moonlake profile image

      moonlake 2 years ago from America

      I use the retractable leash. I don't walk my dogs on the street but on my own land. The reason I like it, if they run and jerk it out of my hand which they would do if they see a deer. They will stop as soon as they realize the leash is coming after them.

      They're small but strong. The one little guy would run forever if the leash didn't stop him.

    • BlossomSB profile image

      Bronwen Scott-Branagan 2 years ago from Victoria, Australia

      Sadly I no longer have my little friend, but I used the retractable leash and found it really useful, although, as you write, they do need practice in learning to handle them well. Great article.