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What is the most aggressive and ferocious breed of dog?

Updated on March 6, 2010

The truest answer is...none. All breeds are dogs first and foremost, then their breed second. Pedigree dogs have been bred for specific qualities that are inclined to become a better breed for a specific purpose. This may mean breeding the fastest, the strongest or the smallest. More often, it is a combination of characteristics. Even with the guarding breeds such as Rottweilers (although some strains have been bred for herding and cattle work) , it would make little sense to breed a very ferocious/aggressive dog which was uncontrollable as it would not be able to guard you to the best of its ability. A good guard dog has to be easily controlled, be smart enough to differentiate between friendly stranger and enemy (or master!), and be actually physically equipped to deter an attacker.

Even if a dog had been specifically bred to guard, you would need to train it in order for it to become an efficient good guard dog. Very few dogs are natural guard dogs as many will not know the difference between a friendly stranger and a possible attacker. Many dogs will also not know what to do when subjected to an attack, especially if they are pet dogs that have received obedience training.

Some of you reading this might think that a Chihuahua is definitely not a ferocious dog compared to a Rottweiler. This is entirely untrue. Physically, of course a bigger dog would win over a smaller dog, but did you know that a small Chihuahua can dominate over a large Rottweiler? That the Chihuahua could win games of tug of war with the Rottweiler? Choosing a breed to achieve a specific objective just makes the training easier. At the end of the day, it is all psychological, and if you know the basics of canine psychology, you can manipulate canines as mankind has done for thousands of years.


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    • theherbivorehippi profile image

      theherbivorehippi 7 years ago from Holly, MI

      I completely agree! There is no such thing as a bad dog...only a bad owner. If you aren't prepared to take the time to properly train your dog then its your fault. If you aren't committed to exercise them then don't get mad when they get bored and eat your couch! lol I have Alaskan Malamutes which are so incredibly but so rewarding when trained properly. In the past I have been in relationships with people that have rottweilers and pitbulls and they are such gentle, loving animals. Shame on people for judging a dog based on rumor and appearance. Awesome Hub!!!