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What name should I name my Dog?????????

Updated on June 13, 2009

Naming Your New Puppy

 Dogs can live up to twenty years, so choosing a name you both can live with is an important step.  There is a joke about a woman who had the police at her house quite often because she named her dog 'Help'.  So, choose carefully.

I am a foster Mom for Havanese puppies.  Most of them are rescued from puppy mills and the group has to give them temporary names for the vet records.  I try not to use their names for the few weeks I have them because i feel their new family should do that.  Instead I call them "puppy", "sweetie", 'baby' etc. and it's my tone of voice that gets their attention.

Names like 'Stinky' or "Puddles" may be funny at first, but not one that's very respectful or 'nice' for a whole lifetime.  Also, names like "KIller" or "Cujo" can give your dog a rough light if people take it too seriously.

Think of someone you respect or admire, or a name that fits the dog's personality.  My Grandma was a fan of George Burns and Gracie Allen and I enjoyed their old comedy routines too.  So, we have two dogs, "George" the beagle and "Gracie" a lab/great Dane mix.  I also love Tennessee Williams plays, and we once took in a mother cat who had just given birth to three kittens, a boy and two girls.  We had to take the Mother and two girls to the Humane Society because we had two cats already.  I named the kittens Blanche, Stella and Stanley and told our kids they could keep one of the kittens.  They chose 'Stanley" and he lived up to his name!  My son said he also didn't want to have to stand on the front porch yelling "Stella!" if that girl kitten got outside!

One of the best places to look for people names is a book of names for babies.  Or, consider your favorite entertainer's names or book characters. My friend had a huge white cat she called "Moby" after the great white whale in "Moby Dick".  I'd avoid naming a puppy after a trendy rock star name, as that will get old and really date the poor dog. 

Sometimes it's better to wait for a week or two before naming your new puppy. This way you'll have a better understanding of their personality.  Don't wait too long though.  My husband took in a stray puppy that I didn't think we should keep.  I lost that battle and we ended up with a large German Shepherd.Lab mix named "Puppy" for eighteen years.  I'm glad we kept the dog, but wishe we'd picked a better name!



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    • Pat Merewether profile image

      Pat Merewether 2 years ago from Michigan

      For some reason Winston came to mind. Sherlock? We named our latest rescues Boo and Ziggy . I love Charlie and Henry. Hope these help.

    • profile image

      Victor anorve 2 years ago

      Got a pug dog what shall I name him

    • profile image

      McKenna Minneman 3 years ago

      I got an English Bulldog puppy and I don't know what to name it

    • Pat Merewether profile image

      Pat Merewether 5 years ago from Michigan

      I'm thinking of names: Charlie, Stanley, (a friend named her dog Bungee because he bounced around so much). Buddy,

      Are their any singers, artists, authors or book characters, etc. that you are fond of with that type of ee sounding name? We named our Havanese puppy Boo because I loved the little girl in Monster's Inc and he was born near Halloween (and he's white).

      I hope that helps?

    • profile image

      Amazing 5 years ago

      I just got a new puppy(male) he is a border collie and I don't now what to name him .I want his name to end with the sound ee ,y.I also want his name to be easy for him to understand and easy for me to say an yell.

      PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!

    • Pat Merewether profile image

      Pat Merewether 5 years ago from Michigan

      We adopted a Havanese and named him Boo because he was born near Halloween and he's all white. We were also thinking of naming him "Radar" because he hears every little noise.

      I don't know what your ethnic background is, but you might want to explore Native American, Asian, or other culture's words for the way you feel about him, like 'gift', 'blessing', 'friend', etc. Let me know what you decide and enjoy your new best friend!

    • profile image

      Lilly 5 years ago

      im 21 and my family lost our 16 year old rhodisian ridgeback about 6 months ago and as a surprise my mum is getting me a new puppie its a boy hes black and white with a semi long coat its the first animal i have ever owned that is mine and im having so much trouble nameing him i like the name Zuko coz i don't like giving animals human names like ben, james, lucy, karla, sam can anyone help me i would love some sugestions???

    • profile image

      Anonymous 5 years ago

      I have a minature chihuahua dog that I got when I was 12, and I named him Ozzy after rocker Ozzy Osbourne.

    • profile image

      Anoymnous 6 years ago

      I have a golden retriever and I named it Macy!

    • profile image

      Sariah Nills 6 years ago

      Gina Evon Fe Fe... are good options for poodles. {French}

      Guss Rover BigBoy ... Good for loving male dogs.

    • profile image

      Ivy 7 years ago

      Thank you for helping me choose a good name for a dog. It is my first dog and I was having trouble naming it. Thank you very very very sooooo much!

    • Pat Merewether profile image

      Pat Merewether 7 years ago from Michigan

      I love the name Holly . . . it's the town where I live.

    • profile image

      Bridget 7 years ago

      I would name a dogs name like sophie or holly and so I on I have a dog called holly and she I'd one years old and she loves the name holly

      so call you're dogs name holly or sophie

    • profile image

      nicole... again 8 years ago

      fidget is cute & clever too...

    • profile image

      nicole  8 years ago

      i think everyone with a pug should name it Snots. cuz they sound as congested as an old man. ewww.

    • Pat Merewether profile image

      Pat Merewether 8 years ago from Michigan

      ethel, the rescue group was running out of names, so started using names of Cities - I had one named Independence who was born on the fourth of july!

    • ethel smith profile image

      Eileen Kersey 8 years ago from Kingston-Upon-Hull

      The black and white cutie must be what my rescue dog Leo looked like as a pup. He was given Leo by the rescue service as he was saved in August and they were running out of names. Lovely hub. Thanks Pat

    • Pat Merewether profile image

      Pat Merewether 8 years ago from Michigan

      Thanks for the comment. The three dogs in the top photo are George, Jasmine and Gracie. George is a rescue from the side of the road - he was left off near the woods by our house - poor baby. Jasmine is our 'Granddog' - our son rescued him from a neighbor's yard, she was chained to a tree 24/7; and Gracie is our dog. Her mother was a rescue dog and my son took the mom in and 9 weeks later Cyra had nine puppies, so we adopted one of them - Gracie.

      The cutie at the bottom is one of our 'foster puppies' who is in his happy new permanent home now - and I'm not sure what they named him - I think it was Ringo!

    • KCC Big Country profile image

      Karen Curtis 8 years ago from Central Texas

      Dogs in my past were: Missy (the only female), Smokey, Buster, Ridge, and now Toby.

      I knew a guy who named his dog Alamo. I thought that was a good Texas dog's name.

    • Peggy W profile image

      Peggy Woods 8 years ago from Houston, Texas

      Our dogs names were Kelly, Kerri, Reggie and Trudy. Our cats are named Dusty and Peaches and my mother's dog......named before she took him, is Skippy. Anyone who helps rescue dogs is a great person in my book. Are those your dogs in the photos?

    • profile image

      CyNtHiA 9 years ago

      i HAVE a siberian husky too and is playful. He is handsome and cute.I love him a lot and he is 3 months old!!

    • profile image

      naz 9 years ago

      my dog is a siberian husky and is very playful but could bite if you get him annoyed

    • Pat Merewether profile image

      Pat Merewether 9 years ago from Michigan

      Thanks for the reply. We had a cat named Barney - love that name!

    • trish1048 profile image

      trish1048 9 years ago


      I've owned many pets throughout my life, and although I can't remember every last name, some names I chose for my dogs were Cooler, Chilly, Spooky, Oreo and Laddie.  I currently have two cats, Sasha and Crissy.

      My son acquired a stray dog from his job, and when I went to meet the dog, I asked what was its name?  His reply, Dog.  I said what??  He said Dog.  I said why in heavens name would you do that, his answer?  Because he's a dog.   Okkk,,,whatever floats your boat.

      My mom, on the other hand, spent 40+ years of her life working as a waitress and barmaid.  She chose liquor names and named one of her cats Bali Hai.  I took that cue and named one of my old cats Schmirnoff.  Now that sounded silly when I had to call her!  Another time, we had given her a small terrier that we had, named Fred, then gave her a second dog which we named Barney.

      I agree with you that it's best to see what kind of personality they have.