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What Type of Foods to Feed Betta Fish

Updated on July 1, 2014

Betta fish are a very popular tropical, freshwater fish that are kept as pets. These fish are colorful and vibrant as well as low maintenance. Although low maintenance Betta Fish do need to be feed once a day. In the wild Betta Fish are mainly a carnivorous fish. Bettas in the wild eat mosquito larvae, zoo plankton and other crustaceans however they sometimes eat vegetation. While it is not feasible to feed Betta's zoo plankton everyday it is important to feed them a proper food because Betta Fish can live up to four years in the wild if properly cared for and fed.

What to feed your Betta Fish

It is important to feed your Betta the proper food for optimal health. There are many foods available for Bettas and in this article I will explain the contents of a few popular food brands and their benefits.

Attisons Betta Food

Attison's Betta Pro Food is a great hormone food free food for Betta fish. Attisons is made with all natural ingredients that will enhance Betta Color. This fish food is made of small, floatable easy to digest pellets. This fish food contains protein as well as vegetables, fruits, and seaweed to ensure your Betta has a balanced diet. Furthermore this Betta food includes anti-parasitic properties that help fend off and reduce the risk of Betta parasites.

Tetra Bloodworms

Tetra Bloodworms are a good supplement to a Betta fish pellet food. These bloodworms are freeze dried flakes and are good for Bettas and other small to medium sized fish. Bloodworms are meant to be used as a treat for your Betta a couple of times a week opposed to a diet regimen.

Tetra Topical Flake Fish Food

Tetra Tropical Flake Fish Food is a fish food that can be used for any tropical fish, not just Bettas. This fish food provides a balanced diet and is enhanced with vitamin C. These flakes promote color enhancement and will not cloud your water. If you have Bettas and other tropical fish this is the food you need!

In Conclusion...

Regardless of how well you treat your Betta it will not thrive unless it is fed the right food. If you want a long living Siamese Fighting Fish, otherwise known as a Betta, you need to feed you Betta a high quality food and correctly care for it.


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    • profile image

      cavalierfanatic 5 years ago

      My nephew has a bunch of betta fish, thought that he's taking good care of them properly but upon reading this somehow revealed what aspects he lack in caring for them. This helps big time.