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What triggers a dog's aggressive behaviour?

Updated on May 25, 2013

In our rich world of expressions we say, a hungry man is an angry man. It is also logical to say,a hungry dog is an angry dog.

When the dog is hungry it loses patience and becomes aggressive. If a dog is starved it starts venting its anger and neglect by being aggressive and even sneaking into people's homes eating food which comes its way.To be kept at peace and from harm's way by your dog,a dog should be well looked after.A dog needs to be treated fairly and just. It also needs those goodies and a full stomach to calm it and prevent it from being aggressive.

A dog has different communication methods different from humans. If a dog is ill it can blow it out of proportion by being aggressive as a way of telling the owner that it is not feeling well. Dogs suffering from rabies can display aggressiveness. A rabid dog might want to bite anyone at the slightest provocation. if a dog is showing any signs of anger, if in doubt of the cause consult your veterinary surgeon.

If a dog is always kept in a cage, isolated and lacks exercise,it may say enough is enough and becomes aggressive as a way of communicating to you that something is not right. It may bark all night long - crying for its freedom. It needs its free space like us. If a dog meets another dog for the first time whilst on the lead it becomes scared that it might be attacked by another dog so it becomes aggressive to show the other dog that it can't be a walk over and made to cower and hide its tail under its hind legs.

A dog can be violent when strangers approach its territory.The reason being it is not sure whether the visitor is a friend or not. So it makes the move and becomes aggressive to warn the stranger that it is alert and can fight to the last drop of blood. A dog can also be aggressive when it has puppies. It becomes aggressive as a way of protecting its puppies. Like any parent a dog would always believe that the one who harms your offspring is an enemy.To make assurance double sure that it is ready to protect its puppies it becomes aggressive before you know it.

If a dog doesn't have proper shelter like a kennel it might be aggressive as a sign of communicating to the owner that something is not right. It becomes aggressive if it is left in the heat for a long time,this would be a sign of attracting attention and communicating to people that it is feeling the heat. Being aggressive might be a sign of telling the owner that it is feeling cold and it needs proper shelter.

A dog is a warm blooded animal so it may be aggressive to inform the owner that it is either feeling cold or hot so there is need for the regulation of its body temperature. A dog can be aggressive as a sign of telling the owner that the type of food it is being given is not proper, dogs react differently to certain types of food - giving a dog some beer can make it aggressive. Beer is not meant for dogs.

Indeed every dog has its bad and good days, If a dog is displaying some of the traits above its a sign that it needs your attention. Be there for it ,a friend in need is a friend indeed. A dog has been a friend to humans from time immemorial. Help it when need be.


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