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You Picked Your Puppy, so Now What ?

Updated on March 14, 2015

Things For You To Consider Before You Get Your Pup.


Before you actually get your pup , you should sit and ponder these things .

The most common mistake when getting a pup is to get it on a whim because statistically this will be the wrong discussion and before you know it , the poor pup ends up at a shelter because of wrong choices .

1) Think about why you want the pup and are you really ready to be responsible enough to raise it properly Any MORON can get a pup, but it takes a real down to earth responsible person to raise it the way it should be raised.

2) Consider what is the purpose of getting the pup,? Is it pleasure , or is it for protection , or is it a working dog or maybe because you think its necessary for little Johnny or Jane to have one ? While all the reasons are legitimate, They all actually point to different kinds and sizes of dogs.

3) Getting a dog for pleasure means that pretty much any kind of dog goes but please be reasonable and realistic about the size of dog that can live in your particular environment. Putting a big dog in a small area is not fair to the dog.

4) A dog for protection is generally a medium to large dog and the smarter thing to do is consult the internet for correct training or hire someone. Doing it by guessing what is right can lead to a dangerous situation.

5) A working dog for security again should be a larger dog and should be professionally. trained.

Another thing that is important to the well being of your pup is to ensure that they are given all the things that make a difference to their world. For example the correct exercise as in playing time and be taken for regular walks, as well as a big enough yard to allow them to run a bit and play.

Also be sure you get them to the vet for the necessary puppy needles and all the other needles they need throughout their lives. If you are not going to do these things then don't get the pup, They have the right to be provided with these things, You have the obligation to provide same.

They Love A Backyard With Room

Consistency - You Do Have Some Responsibility .


It's extremely important to begin training with your pup A,S.A.P . What might appear to be cutesy at this time won.t be down the road and because it was accepted before, saying no later will confuse your now grown dog, At the end of the day this will cause confusion to your dog and frustration for yourself. For example , Yesterday it was very okay for your pup to " help himself " and lick the crumbs off the floor and 2 days later when you are visiting at a friends and he / she does this and it grosses out your friends and thus you yell at the dog causing the dog confusion. Once you get back home and he /she does this again, you laugh and allow it. How do you expect your dog to know the difference ?

House training doesn't have to be the nightmare some make it out to be. What is most effective once again is being consistent and if need be you can reward them for their good behavior with admiration attention each time " they get it " and ask to go outside to do their business. Rewarding them with treats would not be a good idea because you then would have to be at the door with a treat each time they come in from performing the deed .

My first pup after I was married was a border collie X Sheppard and as smart as a whip. We trained him for the paper which took about a week of consistent nose rubbing 24/ 7 training . However once she got to be about 10 weeks we moved her up to the "real deal " training. To our delight we had her trained in 4 days. We had to be consistent with insisting that she go outside from here on in.

We had to be consistent in training her to be protective , or tricks , or anything else . \She did have one thing that she just couldn't get. and that was that she wasn't supposed to escape from the house every time someone went outside'

We didn't have the perfect dog but very close to it . All because we were consistent !!


Choosing appropriate toys

Keeping your puppy busy will make both of you happy .If he is busy he is less liable to get into things that will get him/her into trouble and in turn keep you happy.

What is a big that NO NO have seen in many households is the owner flipping out and kicking or slapping the poor pup around because they were negligent in providing the pup with sufficient toys and a safer area to be kept while they are alone until they grow out of the baby stage. Owners are the ones in control not the puppy . So the onus is on them and not the pup to which they are to lazy to properly attend the its needs.

Pups are like babies and enjoy toys that make noise when they are chewing , they also like soft ones that they can carry around.

Buying your puppy chew toys NOT resembling anything you would normally have n your home such as a shoe is the better choice.

You must be consistent thus buying a chew toy shaped like a shoe would be telling he dog indirectly that it is okay to chew shoes .

Scolding your pup / dog for chewing something that resembles a chew item is your own fault and the one being scolded here should be you .

Choosing Correct Chew Toys

House Training a Puppy - Common Mistakes

When is the cute little guy not so cute ?

See results

How to Remove the Smell of Dog, Without Removing the Dog

Once your pup is basically trained .there are a few ways to get rid of the " puppy smell ".

Place containers with small holes punched in the lid full of Vinegar. These need to be placed out of reach of the pup.

Using fabreze for fabrics for a few days in a row should help . But unless you are doing something to control the source its pretty hard to get rid of the odors.

Keeping Your Puppy Clean

Keeping your puppy clean will help with puppy odor , You have to keep a eye on his /her butt area for any unwanted things in the area.This will get on your carpet and thus cause more smell and not to mention bacteria in our carpets. If you don't do something to control this , your friends and or family will be turned off from this and may stop coming around. This odor will also get into your furniture . curtains . and clothing , bedding and etc.

Grooming him or her weekly especially with long haired dogs is a must and sometimes every 2nd day.

Bathing Them Often Will Help Keep Puppy Odors Down

Using Treats To Train For Better Behavior

Training your pup for either behavior issues or other training is an effective form of training and is widely used by most dog whispers and people like you and I.

Using the right treats tho are also important, When getting treats for you pup/dog please read the label and ensure they are getting things that are good for them and not a bunch of unknown or undesirable mystery ingredients .

You Get Better Results With Honey Than You Think

In Summary

If you have the urge to get a puppy, please look at the big picture , be aware of what your obligations are . Lastly Enjoy !


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