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Where do cats like sleeping in?

Updated on January 4, 2015
The cat sat on the mat- no he didn't he was asleep
The cat sat on the mat- no he didn't he was asleep | Source

Where do cats sleep?

There is really one simple answer to this question, cats sleep, anytime, anyplace, anywhere.

How long do cats sleep for?

The average cat sleeps between 13 and 18 hours per day and older cats quite a lot more! Kittens sleep for most of the day but reduce their sleep pattern as they get older. Cats can go into a deep sleep with periods of rapid eye movement and muscle twitches which indicate that they are dreaming- hunting that elusive quarry whilst they are tucked up warm and safe. Yet if you come across a sleeping cat they can be wide awake at the nearest noise and ready to run whereas most humans would still be bleary eyed.

Cats have their own sleep patterns. After my mum's cat Bluebell moved in with us I noticed how different her pattern is to my cat's as Hugo is about 7years old and Bluebell is 14 years old. When Bluebell wakes up at 7:00 am she has her breakfast and then naps til lunch , when after a sliver of something delicious she has another nap til tea time at 4:30pm. After a post dinner time snooze she often wakes up to watch the TV for an hour but by 9pm she is snuggling down til I take her to bed at 10:30pm. Hugo is up and about for hours- sometimes he wakes up before and after lunch and has been know to stay awake all afternoon! So I guess that there is no such thing as too much sleep for a cat!

sleepy time, two in a bed with no room for mum
sleepy time, two in a bed with no room for mum | Source

What does a cat need for slumber?

A cat sleeps where it feels safe. In the summer you find her in a shady secluded part of the garden or as my Tiggy and Bagera are, tastefully arranged amongst the flower beds. A cat likes to feel warm, so you may well find her in your bed or on your lap the minute you sit down.. If you put a box down the cat will be in it asleep, they have even been known to sleep in their own litter trays. Why is this? Cats need to feel safe to sleep, so these quiet dark places or boxes with sides and flaps that they can hide under are ideal.

Following alteration to the house Hugo now has his own bedroom but in not inclined to use it every night as it feels a bit lonesome? Much nicer to scrabble around his mums feet!

They even sleep in grave yards- at least its quiet
They even sleep in grave yards- at least its quiet | Source
or they caould sleep on the toilet lid!
or they caould sleep on the toilet lid! | Source

Cats are nocturnal creatures

Cats are nocturnal creatures which means that they are programmed to sleep in the day and play at night, which does not fit in with the human way of life, unless you are on shift work. Some people suffer from furry ones who want to play when the household is in bed. As with waking babies, these problems can be solved. It is just a matter of training. If the cat wakes you up at night, every night- close the bedroom door- simple but effective unless she can work out how to open it herself. Make your bedroom a “No entry” zone and shoosh her out every time she enters, ( who is punishing who I wonder?) A good one is to play with her before bed and tire her out so she falls asleep exhausted- this may apply to you too. Be firm when she asks for a snack, a drink or a full meal. “No” is a word that she will understand eventually- you may be a total wreck by the time she gets a hang of this word- alternatively give her supper just before bedtime so she has not the chance to realise that she is hungry. I nearly fell about laughing when a book suggested that you impose a schedule on a cat and then I thought of Bluebell my mum’s cat who eats at the same time everyday and has supper at the same time and yes, she goes to the toilet before she goes to bed! There are two other strategies I would recommend- get her a brother or sister- someone else to play and cuddle with when you are asleep. Failing that, buy a dog- you will find that she will retreat to the highest point of your bed and sleep quietly all night- unless of course you end up with the dog on your bed as well!


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