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Whiskers, the Cat, Who I Wrote a Short Poem About

Updated on August 18, 2017


We moved to San Antonio, Texas,

in a Nissan, not a Lexus.

One day, we were at home – just a talkin’ and a sittin’.

When suddenly, at our door, we heard the meows of a kitten.

We took that kitten in, and helped him get well.

He liked staying with us, we surely could tell.

Whiskers, we named that dear, little kitten.

His whiskers were long, so his name was a fittin’.

With me, this kitten loved to play kickball.

Whiskers could play that game very well; and that’s not all.

Then, one day, we were visited by our neighbor lady,

she loved cats, and she whisked our Whiskers away.

Underhanded, was the method in which she did this,

but by us, Whiskers was missed and surely amiss.

Our neighbor lady came over to visit us that dreadful day in May,

because with us, she made sure that little kitten did not stay.

By the lady and her accomplice, Whiskers was whisked to a place far away;

and we haven’t seen Whiskers to even this day.

Last we heard, Whiskers lives on a Georgia dairy farm,

living his life (happily we hope) with dairy cows, and his marm.

© 2017 DLayne Lawson


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