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Who Says Dogs Can't Reason?:My Dog Boomer

Updated on April 19, 2016

Silence is suspicious. Especially when it comes from an avidly active dog like my black lab mix, Boomer. This very thought entered my mind as I sat on the couch of my small apartment in San Diego one afternoon in May. I then then came to the realization that I hadn't seen my one-year old pup in some time.

I called his name.


I called again.


I stood up and was immediately greeted by a cowering dog with puppy eyes slinking around the corner.


If you've ever been a puppy owner, you know that this look is never good.

I went to investigate. I walked through the hallway, then examined the bathroom first, thinking that he had gotten into the trash.


I went to the extra bedroom, thinking he had been on the guest bed, which he knew he was not allowed to do.

Nothing suspicious.

Finally, I walked to my bedroom and did a quick sweep. Nothing too out of the ordinary. Except...

a random pile of dirty laundry in the middle of my bedroom floor.

That's odd, I thought. I was certain that I picked up all of the dirty laundry earlier. I must be mistaken, I concluded as I began to pick up the variety of linens.

Then the smell hit me.

I looked around and saw nothing. Boomer was nowhere in sight. As I continued to pick up the discarded clothing, the smell became stronger. As I picked up the last article of fabric, I saw it-a giant pile of dog shit that had been carefully hidden by the suspicious pile.

I looked at the pile of feces for a long good while before finally accepting my fate and cleaning it up. As I did, however, I couldn't help but be in awe at my dog's intelligence. He actually pulled dirty clothes out of the hamper to hide his crime. In that moment, I realized: it was so brilliant...I couldn't even be mad.


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