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Why Adopt a Mongrel

Updated on December 10, 2009

Adopting A Mongrel- Mixed Breed Dogs

Of the 13 dogs I have adopted 10 have been Mixed breeds.or Mongrel as we call them. Mongrels are not a particular breed but a mix of many. There is a subtle difference between mongrel and mixed breed.

Mongrels are like completely unknown mix of breeds, nature has picked up their lineage in its own way. Mixed Breed are more often Dogs where mixing of breeds is done deliberately in order to prepare some unique class with good features of both the breeds.

Why should one adopt a Mongrel?

Mongrels you get on roadside, free of cost and you save a life. From my personal experience I can say that in a litter of say 10 puppies, only 2 survive till there adulthood, 8 puppies die. and biggest reason for their death in coming under wheels as they more often are not visible to speeding motorists.

Mongrels are the best breed.

Yes it's true, Why have we human's evolved so much?  Because we cross link our genes so much that finally only good ones are carried forward. Similarly in Dogs selective breeding as happens for many purebred dogs allows carrying of only a few genes ahead, But in case of mongrels nature has a pool of genes to choose from so only best ones are carried forward.

Survival of Fittest

On the roads its survival of fittest , your Mongrel has made to this world only after passing this test many time. Surprised as your pup is only a small thing? No not your pup his Sire or father would have fought with many other dogs and won over the dame (your pups mother) to mate, So he had the best mom and dad. Similarly his mom and dad were also born of the best of parents as you can see the cycle. In nature that's the rule.

Mongrel need to be less taken care off.

I once remember heading to a weekend off on a newly shifted place where I had no friends to take care of my dog. So I left him in home. I kept him good amount of food and water, which he saves for later time by not finishing at one go. ( This he has in his subconscious from his genes to prepare for worst time ), And he wont pee inside as he either goes to toilet to pee or wont pee at all. Ya you can easily train them.

When I came back that night he was as happy as a lark and as strong as a horse.

They Live longer

Mongrels have a lifespan of 12 yrs which can be extended for another 3 years by proper food and training. This again is result of proper genes mixing. Also it happens in case of pure bred dogs they are susceptible to many breed based disorders, our champion mongrels are free from any of those. 

Best Survivors

As they have in past, Mongrels can survive anything, Believe me my second Dog was a loocy a female. She had just given a litter of 7 pups. Where I lived that time was sort of amongst woods and Tigers frequented in night. One night I came out hearing noises in my front yard. To surprise of of life I saw Lucy and a tiger fight. She had braved a tiger and saved her litter though only 2 survived who later on became real hunks! But Lucy didn't lived long. She left us in another 3 months. But still she forced that Big cat to retreat.

So always when in doubt go for mongrels as they are simply the best and most gratitude showing dogs in the world.


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    • GeneralHowitzer profile image

      Gener Geminiano 8 years ago from Land of Salt, Philippines

      I love Siberian Husky I wish I could have one... They're cool... BTW you have great love and compassion to these wonderful animals... Thank you for sharing your great hubs...

    • Helen Cater profile image

      Helen Cater 8 years ago from UK

      You have done a really good job on this adopt a dog hub.