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Why Cat Owners are Good People and Dog Owners are Bad People

Updated on December 8, 2014
Courtesy of photostock
Courtesy of photostock | Source

There are certainly good people who are also dog owners, although it doesn't seem like there are that many really. Dog owners are just worse people than cat owners if we have to make a generalization. Dog owners inflict their pet ownership on others while cat owners and their pets mind their own business. Most of the arguments made in this article won't apply to all dog owners, but the arguments will apply to a lot of them and prove that if you took all the dog owners in the world and separated them from all the cat owners in the world, the better place to be would be with the cat owners.

Courtesy of Jenna MacKenzie
Courtesy of Jenna MacKenzie | Source

What Dog Owners Doo Doo

I had a construction dumpster in the driveway of my house. The driveway sits right under an apartment that's attached to my house and occupied by renters. The driveway runs right up to the street.

Many people walking their dogs walk right by the driveway and right by the dumpster. After a few months of having the dumpster, it started to stink. I got up the courage to climb up the side and look in and what do I discover? My construction dumpster is full of bags of dog feces.

Not surprisingly, I was stunned that these dog owners would be so rude as to think that tossing dog feces in a construction dumpster that's right under the deck of people who have to smell the stench every day is an acceptable form of behavior. To make life bearable for my renters, I got up on the dumpster and emptied the bags, pulling them out with a pick-up device so I didn't have to touch anything. After that, I put up some signs that said: "Due to the actions of some dog owners, this dumpster is under video surveillance. Please! No illegal dumping."

After I put up the signs, the bags of dog poo dropped dramatically. However, there were still a few in there, still dog owners throwing their bags of feces in there despite the signs. My renter was on her porch when one set of dog owners came by. She overheard them reading the sign and one said to the other: "What do you think that means?" Then they threw their dog poo into the dumpster anyway.

While some dog owners religiously pick up after their dogs, it's fairly common that many don't. In fact, many don't give a you-know-what. Many dog owners couldn't care less where their dogs drop their doo. The kicker to this story is that when we finally had the disposal company come by to remove the dumpster, they had to pull it up on a big truck at an angle and much of the water spilled out. People two blocks away, thinking it was a sewage line break, reported the smell to the police/ When a policeman came to our door to ask where the water was coming from, I explained the situation. The police officer just nodded in understanding and left. Thanks dog owners!

My favorite irresponsible dog owner malfeasance involves parks where children play. In fact, I've witnessed many a dog owner letting his dog run off-leash in a park and ignoring the fact that their dog is defecating all over the place. I'm pretty certain that this is the dog owner's intention - to take their dog to the park so it can crap on the grass and they'll just ignore it and pretend they're not paying attention. The insensitivity of this is kind of hard to fathom - intentionally letting one's dog take a dump in a park where children may very well step in it, roll in it, or fall in it.

So basically, it's my argument that dog owners are pretty much happy to have other people step in and/or bath in the odor of their dogs feces.

Attacked by a Dog

I have to admit a prejudice I have against dog owners, and that's that I was attacked by an unleashed dog when I was a little girl. I was in a park and a big dog jumped on my back and scratched me all up. The owner came up and grabbed his dog, failed to apologize, and walked off. I was a young child and this man didn't even bother to see if I was okay even though I was crying and in obvious pain.

My own pain aside, many, many dog owners don't keep their dogs leashed because they don't give a crap about other people. Their dog is more important. They let them run free, which usually results in a wide range of dangerous possibilities, both to the animal and to others. Then dog owners like to make the argument that dogs need to be off leash in order to fully enjoy their lives. I've got news for you dog owners: the dog doesn't give a rat's butt. It's a dog. It's not a human being and it doesn't have human feelings. It likes being on a leash.

He's a Really Nice Dog

This is the excuse that all insensitive, uncaring, irrational, irresponsible dog owners use when their dogs run up and lick you or jump on you.

"He's a really nice dog."

"He doesn't bite."

"He really likes people."

Whatever. Did it ever occur to the dog owner who feels they just can't obey the law by having their dog leashed that I don't care that their dog is nice? I simply don't want to dog to jump on me. And honestly, it's not so bad for me, I can handle it. But it's really bad for children. Lots of little children are afraid of dogs, yet this doesn't stop irresponsible dog owners from letting their dogs run free at parks where children play despite the fact that it's illegal. Don't children's right not to be scared come before the dog owner's right to violate the law? Apparently not.

I have a friend who runs regularly on mountain trails. He's had multiple incidents with dogs interrupting his runs because they're unleashed. In other words, the dog owner feels that it's their right to have their dog off-leash and if that results in a non-dog owner having their activity interrupted well, that's too bad.

That's just how dog owners are.

Courtesy of Carlos Porto
Courtesy of Carlos Porto | Source

Who are better people: cat owners or dog owners

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Cat Owners are Better

Cat owners are just better, more caring people than dog owners. Sure, many cat owners let their cats outside and the cats hunt and chase birds and do their business outside with no respect for other people's property. However, cats bury their business. You don't see people complaining about stepping in cat poop or children falling in cat poop while playing in the park or people having to pick cat poop out of their lawns because irresponsible cat owners have let their cat crap their.

You don't hear of stories about runners running on trails and having people's cats knock them down. You don't hear stories about children screaming in fear because somebody's cat ran up to them and tried to lick them or bite them. You don't hear stories about massive quantities of bagged cat poop piling up at local waste facilities. You rarely hear about an irresponsible cat owner leaving their cat in a hot car in the middle of the summer or bringing their cat into a store where it doesn't belong. The worst you hear about a cat owner is some loser complaining about going over to somebody's house and getting too much cat hair on their favorite sweater.

Cats are just smarter, more reasonable, better behaved animals than dogs. And so are their owners.

Cat-Hating Dog Owner Gets What She Deserves


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  • Jackie Lynnley profile image

    Jackie Lynnley 

    5 years ago from The Beautiful South

    That video is too funny, after kicking the cat around now she runs in the house like she has a big plan of cat attack lawsuit, huh? I see that dog had better sense. Would love to have that cat, lol. Would make a good guard dog. I like dogs but I completely agree. I love to go to park to walk and you can't take a step some days it seems and I wonder why the park people don't get out there and clean it up if they are going to allow it, or just have certain places for people to take their dogs, like the woods! I also do not like strange dogs coming up to me and rubbing their snotty noses on my hands! Yuck. Owners smile like that is so sweet. You got me on your band wagon! ^


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