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Why Do Dogs Lick Themselves?

Updated on December 17, 2009

If you have a pet or have owned a Pet ever in your life, you would have definitely observed your dog licking his/her Genitals. So why does a dog do it? Is it for attaining pleasure (we humans would have tried had we got that ability to) or is it some far more important thing which we ignore thinking it be some funny gimmick on part of our Dog.

Someone Say’s-

“A lick lick here, a lick lick there. Here a lick there a lick everywhere a lick lick.”

The reason for dogs to lick is similarly very simple. Licking is the Best way in which Dogs can sanitize and disinfect them. For a few ignorant people out there Saliva in any living being has disinfecting abilities. Licking is also done in case of injuries, as licking provides a little cooling and big relief to the affected area.

One more explanation for licking can be that female dogs may lick at their vaginal area can be a precursor that she is in heat and is ready to breed. She is licking herself to keep it hygienic. You may even notice a bloody release around the vaginal region and a foul smell also.

But if your female dog has been spayed and you notice her licking at her vagina this could be a symptom of a vaginal infectivity or even a urinary tract disease. So get her treated immediately.

Final words for some dirty minds

Dogs can employ their tongues in the similar method that we make use of our fingers to survey, clean and attempt to heal its genitals. A dog licks itself when it is well and also when it is sick. When a dog licks its genitals, it can indicate a condition related to the reproductive system, the digestive tract and skin problems. So Take Care next time you see your dog licking


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    • kingkos profile image

      kingkos 4 years ago

      nice hub i will follow u i like article about dogs.

      And now i know why my boxer always lick his vagina region.

    • Ken Barton profile image

      Ken Barton 6 years ago

      Nice Hub - People tend to revert to licking at times too, such as when you hit your finger with a hammer. Ouch! Suddenly we put our finger in our mouths to make it feel better! There's a woman overseas who licks splinters and things out of peoples eyes for them rather than going to a doctor to have their eyes treated. Licking is something we have in common with animals and is as Natural as Scratching! lol

    • profile image

      gmacman1 7 years ago

      Licking is natural for dogs.

      You can not train it out of them but your can control it somewhat.

      A quick flash of light can be used.

      It substitutes for the sound of a clicker and trains speedily and effectively.