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Why Dogs Should be Neutered

Updated on August 22, 2013
Why Dogs Should Be Neutered
Why Dogs Should Be Neutered | Source

Why Neuter Dogs

Pet ownership calls for immense responsibility, all pet owners want their pets to be in good health and behavior. When you talk about behavior and health of dogs, one inevitable question that often comes to mind is whether you should neuter your dog. Many new dog owners may not know the reasons for neutering dogs and often perceive neutering of dogs as unnecessary agony inflicted on their beloved pets. If you adopt a dog from a shelter the dog is more likely to be neutered but if you buy a puppy you have the choice on whether the puppy should be neutered. Pets are neutered for a wide range of reasons and the main reasons why most dog rescue shelter neuter their pets is for control of overpopulation. This is a good measure that helps reduce the number of the homeless dogs that are euthanized. There are far more reasons for better health and behavior control that are a results of dogs being neutered. I would like to outline the major reasons why you should consider neutering your dog.

How is Neutering Done?

Neutering of female dogs that is commonly referred to as Spaying involves a veterinary surgical procedure of removing the ovaries and the uterus. The males the procedure is commonly called castration and involves the removal of testicles. There may be minimal post surgical trauma and the dog may have to remain in the hospital for a short period. With good care the dog can as well be dismissed to go home the same day. In some countries neutering of dos is embraced as a way of controlling the stray dog populations and there may be neuter programs that are pocket friendly.

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Is neutering of Dogs the Right thing?

These programs of neutering dogs may be very useful in control of the surging population of homeless dogs, but there have been contrary arguments that neutering is not the right thing. Whether neutering of dogs is the right thing, remains a subject of debate but there are 10 obvious reasons why neutering of dogs should be embraced.

Top 3 Reasons Why you Should Neuter Your Dog

When you have adopted a dog or bought one, it is important that you consider making the decision, on whether the dog should be neutered or not. It is also important to consider if they are in the right age of being neutered since neutering them when they are too young can result to urine incontinence problems in the future.

You should consider neutering your dog to

Improve the Dog's Health by Neutering

Neutering dogs both male and females reduce the chance of developed of reproduction organs related cancers. This generally improves the health of your pet. It has also been found that neutering reduces significantly the chance of urinary tract infections development in dogs. Unless you intend to breed your dog neutering will reduce the predisposition to age related reproduction cancers. One of the most serious cancers encountered in dogs is the mammary gland tumors as seen in the female dog.


Improve the Behavior of your Dog by Neutering

Male dogs that are neutered are more controllable and they are less likely to roam or wander away from home. Many people lose their valuable pets when they wander away looking for females to mate. Neutering your dog will help you control this behavior and therefore live without worrying that your pet may wander away one day.

Improve Pet Care by Neutering

A female dog may be neutered to reduce the incidences of proestrus bleeding that is encountered in dogs that are neutered. It occurs two times in a year and it may be characterized by need for intense care. The female dog may also attract a large pack of stray male dogs and this complicates the situation. To avoid this you should neuter your female dog.

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