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Why I Raise Guineas

Updated on November 7, 2014

Reasons for Raising Guineas

1. They are inexpensive to raise.

2. They escape predators easily.

3. Guineas are unique.

4. Guineas keep insects out of the yard.

5. Their call warns other animals of danger. They also call out warning if a fire is nearby.

6. They are hardy and resist most poultry diseases.

7. The eggs taste good and are hard shelled.

8. Guinea fowl tastes great.

Baby purple and lavender guineas


How I got Started Raising Guineas

I go to Orscheln Farm and Home to look at the different types of poultry they have for sale. In May I noticed the small baby guineas after seeing them I bought eight to take home with me. I had a building available, heat light, poultry water jars for baby fowl, and small feeders. I have had the guineas since this time. I found the baby to be cute and hard to resist buying.

My guineas do not eat produce from my garden.

Guineas are able to fly up into my trees if predators happen to be around. They are excellent for keeping my garden pest free. I keep my guineas in with the chickens. These are my lavender and purple guineas that are grown.

What I feed the guineas

I buy game bird feed for my guineas. They also like scratch grain. They are like other fowl. It is important to have sand or some other grit available for them to eat. This is how they digest their food. Poultry have a gizzard which is their second stomach. Food comes here after it is partially digested by the first stomach. Inside the muscular walls of the gizzard their will be small rocks or sand that they use to grind their food. Guineas will get a wide variation of food if they are let out in the yard. They like the to eat greenery in the yard. I have not any guineas to illnesses or predators. They do get spooked easily. At night they will fly into things.

Guineas lay good eggs and are great eating.

My guineas lay from about May until the mid September. Their are many tasty recipes for guineas on the internet. I like mine oven roasted with stuffing.


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