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I'm more of a Cat person because....

Updated on April 19, 2012

"How can you not want a dog?" I've heard this from a few friends, and my husband, lately.

It's not that I don't like dogs, I do. They are fun, playful, they are great companions to have. I'm just not a "dog" person.

Ever since I've been married, going on 8 years, we've had at least one cat in our house. Most times we had two cats. When we got married I took a kitten with me to move in with my husband. He was our first baby and was such a great cat. His name was Jack. He was a long hair black cat and the best animal we have ever had. We had ferrets with him and he would get real close to the cage, the ferret would come over and Jack would reach through the bars and try to pull him through the bars on the cage by his head. It was the funniest thing to me. He was smart, owned the world, or so it seemed in his actions. He moved with us several times from house to house. With the Hubby being in the Army there was a lot of moving. One night he decided to lay in the middle of the road, like he always did, but this time the driver of the car didn't stop. I sat in the kitchen on the floor and cried. Broke my heart to lose him.

But we did move out to Cali and got two cats from a shelter. Beauty and Sebastian. They were good cats too. Beauty was quiet, liked to just lay around. Sebastian was only a kitten so he was super playful! Once we found out we were going to Italy we found them a new home because we weren't sure how long we would be without a home.

In Italy after a few months of living there, there was a couple that was headed back to the states and wanted to get rid of their two cats. Of course I jumped at the chance. Captain (named because of his crooked tail) was an orange and white tabby. He was a hoot. He talked all the time, would sit on the toilet and talk while you were in the shower. He'd jump up and try to open the door. He was such a GREAT kitty. Every neighborhood kid said he was their kitty. Nokey was my kitty. We called her mama kitty because she had a litter of kittens before we got her and the kids could say mama kitty better then Nokey at the time. She was a lover. She would sit in the small space of the desk between the keyboard and the edge of the desk every time I was at the computer. She would sit right up next to you on the couch. She would sleep on the hubby's side of the bed, but only when he wasn't there. She was my favorite of all!!! It really hurt having to get rid of them before we left.

So far here in NC we haven't gotten any animals. We are talking about getting another cat or two but we don't have any of our household goods yet so that is pointless.

Why do I like cats so much??? Well, that's an easy one.

Cats can take care of themselves if you go on vacation. We've been to all sorts of places and with our cats you just leave out a huge bowl of food and water and make sure they have a clean litter box and they are fine until we get back. Of course if we were ever gone for more then two days we would have friends stop by and check in on them. In my opinion cats are better company. They are soft and lovable and can brighten my mood just by rubbing up against my leg.

Why don't I like dogs so much??? That's an easy one too!

They have to be let outside all the time to not mess on the floor. Then you have to clean up the messes they make in the yard, especially when you have kids that play in the yard. You can't just leave a bowl of food out for a dog, they will eat it all in one gulp. They chew on everything, toys, shoes, clothes, furniture, everything. They bark, whine, growl and might even bite. You can't go on vacation and leave a dog at home unless you have someone to take care of them (or you are a cruel person and leave them outside the whole time).

There ya have it, Why I'm more of a cat person. Do you prefer Cats over Dogs? Or is it the other way around?


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    • profile image

      Brenda Durham 5 years ago

      I prefer cats, for the same reasons you said. Love this hub!

    • Sneha Sunny profile image

      Sneha Sunny 5 years ago from India

      Found another cat lover here!! :D I too love cats and dogs too. But we don't have pet for the reason that we too shift in every few years...because of the reason you mentioned here. We are planning to have one in our own home..