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Why People Adore Their Dogs

Updated on November 2, 2020
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Pamela-anne is a certified Freelance Writer who enjoys writing her own articles and ghostwriting for clients on Upwork.

Man's Best Friend

People hold their four-legged friends close to their hearts for many different reasons. The dog was named "man's best friend" for many people this is so. Man's relationship with the dog goes back many centuries. The earliest known union between man and dog started back in Australia with the Aborigines and the Dingo dog. The dog has been at man's side whether it was on a hunt for food or playing fetch at the local park, a dog is never too far from his master's side.

Drawn to Man

In the past the dog ran wild he would come and go as he pleased. He stayed near the camps and villages of man because he was drawn to man. Unlike other animal species which would flee in the opposite direction as soon as they got a whiff that man was near. The dog on the other hand cannot seem to get enough human company. Doing everything within their capabilities to please their humans. Dogs give us so much by offering us protection, comfort and companionship. They would fearlessly lay their own lives on the line to protect ours--with no strings attached. Other than perhaps a bit of affection, food, and spot to lay beside their master's feet.

The Bond between Man and Dog

More commonly today the daily life of a dog doesn't involve going on a daily hunt for food with his master. Instead, he is more likely to enjoy a stroll down the street at his master's side wearing a leash. Some things have evolved and changed through time but one thing that has remained unchanged is the special bond that man and dog have with each other.

Good Tracker

In today's society when we are ready to eat most of us go on the hunt for food at the local grocery store. At an earlier time period, you would head out to hunt for your meal on the surrounding landscape of your home. Much of the time this involved doing some tracking and this is where the dog helped man in acquiring his meal. Dogs having a far superior sense of smell to man they are able to track down the prey leading man right to it. A dog that was a good tracker was of high value to man when man was hunting for his food.

Following the Dog Laws

Today there are laws that people must abide by if they are to own a dog, especially within a city. An example of one of these laws is a dog cannot run around loose they must be leashed unless they are in a fenced area such as a dog park. People that don't abide by the dog laws are fined for not complying with them.

People love Spending on their Pets

Dog lovers in general have no problem paying for expenses such as vets, their dog's shots, dog-training classes etc. Dog accessories are a big industry people spend a lot of money on their dogs which isn't all on things the dog needs but people will buy their dog all kinds of toys, dog clothes, dog boots and the list goes on. People get great joy out of buying treats for their dogs.

Dogs are Loyal to their Owners

Some people find it easier to be in the company of their dog and more enjoyable than the company of other humans. I think one of the big reasons we love our dogs so much is because we know we can trust them. We know they are loyal and loving to us. Our dogs love us no matter what we look like or what our financial bracket is. On the other hand, the ones that would be interested in these things are none other than our own species!


Our dog's love is one thing we can depend on in this crazy world we live in. If we have had a bad day we know our best friend will be waiting to greet us in tail wags at the door. Our dogs make us feel like we are Kings and Queens giving us the sense that they feel honoured to be at our sides. They don't care what size castle you own or if you own one at all. They are just happy to be in our company no matter where that might be. These are just a few of the reasons people adore their dogs!

Loyal Companion

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