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Why Pets Are Therapeutic

Updated on October 8, 2009

Most families today have an added family member I there home in the form of a dog, cat, bird, and even reptiles. They are considered an extended family member to them and are cared for in the same manner. They are a great source of enjoyment, entertainment, companionship and love. Most domesticated animals in this type of situation thrive in this environment.

In the US more than half the households have some kind of pet they call family. It is also proven that in certain situations it is good for the physical and emotional health of the owners to have a pet in their homes. The most obvious form of benefit is that pets need a great deal of care and exercise if they get exercise so does the owner. Walking a dog or chasing the cat around the house it is a great way to bond with your friend and burn that fat away as well.   The physiological effects of having a pet in the home are that it often reduces the stress of the owner. It has been shown that having a loving animal to take care of increase health and aids in the face of illnesses. Even mice, hamsters and fish are known to create comfort in a home.

Pets have a tendency to help you smile when you have had a bad day or comfort you in the loss of something close to you. When your dog looks at you with those classic puppy dog eyes you can’t help but fall in love all over again. Or, when your cat loving purrs up against your leg looking for its next kitty treat. They have a way to sense when you are not feeling well or in a bad mood and they are always there to cheer you up.

In the scientific word there have been some case studies on the effects of pets besides the emotional aspect one is the physical. Some studies have shown that pet owners have a stabilization effect when owning a pet. Meaning, that some high blood pressure patients have shown significant improvement when they own a pet and therefore use less medicine then with those that don’t. It also greatly effected the stress level of heart patients and lowered their risk of heart attacks because of the high blood pressure.

Pets for the elderly will help with the loneness that they sometimes feel as they are getting older and less mobile. They offer them a companionship and give them something to care for to keep them going. You can tell your animals anything and your secrets are always safe. They are good listeners and don’t judge you they will just always love you.

Pets are great for kids as well as they are growing pets can help a child have better social skills. Most children who have a child in their home between the ages of 1-6 will develop better social skills, coordination and less likely to suffer from pet allergies as they grow older.

If your job allows it bring your pets to work with you to they have shown that a pet in the workplace has a better likely hood of raising productivity levels in your workers. It helps reduce physical and emotional stress due to the work environment.

A pet can give you unconditional love and support. Pets don't talk back or argue. They won't talk behind your back or leave you for someone else. Pets often form strong bonds with their owners and will be loyal to the end. They can help calm a person down naturally without the use of medication. Just by petting an animal or playing you can relieve tension and calm your nerves.

Additional health benefits of why animals are therapeutic for kids and adults are they bring smiles to everyone. With this studies have shown it increases a person’s immune response and children help build children’s response to immunity from pet allergies.

With the many different therapeutic and health benefits of having animals if you are able then go to the local SPA shelter and adopt one today. I am sure that you will have many funs years together with your new pet.


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  • katyzzz profile image

    katyzzz 7 years ago from Sydney, Australia

    You are preaching to the converted. I just adore animals and birds. Everything you say is so very true.

  • lostgirlscat profile image

    lostgirlscat 8 years ago

    Pets are one of the few sources of unconditional love still left in this world. Wonderful article, and so true.