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Why The Location Of A Rat's Cage Is Important

Updated on May 21, 2009
My little brother and his pet rat Starlight, before she passed away last year.
My little brother and his pet rat Starlight, before she passed away last year.

Many people in today's busy lifestyle simply don't have as much time as they would like to to spend with their pets, while some pets can be ok with this, rats on the other hand are commonly different.

Rats being the social creatures they are love to spend time with their human owner, and if they don't get human interaction with their owner at LEAST 4 times a week, preferably more they will become:

  • Untamed
  • Uneasy around people
  • And often get viscous
  • And or depressed.

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The Symptoms

All of the symptoms of a rat without enough human interaction are all bad for your rats, a depressed rat will often stop eating, stop cleaning it's self until it gets to the point were it gets sick enough to die without living a very healthy life at all. Vicious rats will often never be able to return to a healthy relationship with a human and will stay unfriendly and vicious for the rest of their life's, this also produces more stress for the rat, again ultimately leading them to a shorter life span then most rats.

Location, Location, Location!

Location: the most common of mistakes made with spending time with a pet rat is that the person only has time to spend with them for only a couple times a week and only for a few minutes, while this isn't that big of a problem, it can be if the cage of the rat isn't in the right location. Yes one of the biggest problems people have with spending time with their rat is actually as easy as the location of the rats cage.

Most people will keep their rat and it's cage in a room that doesn't get a lot of traffic, such as a bedroom. While a bedroom is a great place to keep a rat that's only if you spend a decent amount of time in there when you are not sleeping. If your like most of us, a typical bedroom has maybe an hour or two broken up into 3 minutes at a time spent in the room while your not sleeping.

This results in the rat not seeing you nearly as much, and even a rat just being able to see it's owner, (especially if the owner goes to talk to the pet rat) can be a great help towards spending time with your pet rat.

Me and my rat Blue, from last year before she passed away.
Me and my rat Blue, from last year before she passed away.

Where To Move Your Rat's Cage

If you move your rat's cage to a room that is more active, somewhere that you are more active while your awake, preferably at a later time of day considering that rats are usually nocturnal. Someplace like a kitchen where you would sit to eat in, or a living room where you would come home to work on the computer of watch TV in would ultimately great places to keep your rat depending on which of those you spend the most time in later in the day.

Rats may not like a lot of really loud noises going on around them but it's actually better to have the rat be around loud noises then it is to have the rat in a solitary closed room. It's been proven over and over again that rats exposed to better cages, different kinds of food, toys and activities are:

  • Healthier
  • More Active
  • Smarter
  • And Friendlier

Knowing this, the more activity, knowledge and different things you can expose your rat to will end up in a happier, healthier, more playful rat who often have a LONGER life span then most other rats.

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