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Why a dog is the best friend of humanity?

Updated on April 3, 2013

Arguably a dog is mankind's best friend. A dog has been a loyal companion of mankind since the prehistoric times when mankind tamed wolves to become their helpers and companions. During those days dogs would guard dwellings of their owners in exchange for a meal, meat and bones from game meat. Due to their good sense of smell dogs were effective in tracking and hunting animals for meat for their owners. Dogs fitted well with the hunter gathering humans of the time.

As time progresses when their owners became owners of sheep they were used to tend to their masters sheep.With the advent of the second world war, dogs were also used in war. New breeds of dogs started to emerge and mankind started training them to carry out certain tasks.

Dogs of today are taking part in a pioneering therapy programme to cheer up patients suffering from cancer.This is happening in North Wales,United Kingdom. Dogs visit hospitals, hospices, homes and schools across North Wales as part of the Pets As Therapy scheme.

Dogs can be used to locate missing persons under debris after natural disasters such as earthquakes and floods.They can also be used by the police as part of the stop and search plan. They can easily detect drugs if hidden in bags during the stop and search exercise.

Those who are visual impaired can have some form of self reliance because there are trained dogs to lead them.Two thumbs up to these dogs for making life bearable to the visually impaired.Dogs can also assist those with impaired hearing by identifying sounds such as the ringing of an alarm, door bell and telephone. Man's best friend - the dog is also capable of pulling the wheel chairs for the disabled.

Trained dogs can also switch lights on and off.They can also give a hand in carrying items for the need in and around the home using their mouths.Some people claim that their dogs saved their lives by spotting their breast cancer early.What more can humanity need from a dedicated and caring friend of long standing - the dog?

I was left in stitches when I attended a fashion show for dogs.Dogs are really good models and they were really dressed to impress on the day in question.Everyone who attended the show was entertained and impressed by what man's best friend can deliver. Dogs wearing spectacles carried my day. It sounds laughable but man's best friend, the dog did not shy away to please and entertain us on that very day.

After seeing what dogs can deliver to humanity,I can now understand why some people leave a will instructing the donation of large sums of money to a dog sanctuary.Indeed dogs deserve better for all what they do to brighten the lives of humanity.


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