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Why do Smaller Dog Breed Bite More ?

Updated on December 10, 2009

It’s always said that small dogs are ankle biters. Vet associations every year publishes report again claiming that most dog bites are caused by smaller breeds. But what we do forget everytime is that every dog on this planet has the potential to be aggressive. Then why is that smaller ones want more to nibble than their bigger counterparts. Here in this article we shall discuss this tendency of smaller breeds. This hub is purely for stating why these smaller dogs in spite of biting tendency are a safe bet than bigger ones.

Why do smaller Breeds Bite More?

1- You taught them to bite-

                Yes, You read it correct. It you ho have been teaching your Poodle or Chihuahua to bite sinc when it was a puppy. If chihuahua is snapping barking or being agressive, people often comment "awh that's so cute he thinks he's a pitbull". However if a pitbull snapped barked or acted aggressively they would be immediately reprimanded or corrected.

 You used to giggle seeing a chihuahua nibble your toe when it was small. It was very cute then but now with more power and bite in him, your small Chihuahua can tear the flesh off from any leg. So if you have a small breed never appreciate any cute or funny appearing habit in puppy stage lest you want it to become a problem later on.

2- You made them feel possessive –

                Chihuahua and other smaller dog breeds have been extra loved and cared for most of their lifetime then their big counterparts like GSD or APBT. So obviously they hate sharing it with anyone else. That anyone else can be as a matter of fact your kid or any other animal. So let them have a little space when they are growing also make them friendly with other species so that they are comfortable ith them later on.

3- You mess with their business more often-

                How many times has anyone dared teasing an unchained German Shephard or a Bull dog. Because you are aware and afraid of the fact that they come with “ Bite you Badly money back Guarantee”. These big guys are treated with respect and manners. Big dogs aren't forced to use their teeth in a reaction or attempt to correct strangers who have bad doggy manners.

 But smaller breeds, who cares right? Little dogs are frequently approached, cuddled, or petted. Strangers will even picl them up straight away and without any introduction. Most people have no reservation in getting right up in a little dogs face. They don't approach with caution or respect.

Little dogs often have to let strangers know " Hey your being rude, you are not following doggy law, or with doggy manners, you are big and intimidating, your behavior is scaring me"

Honestly think of it from their view. Would you want a half ton gorilla (king kong) walking up to you and getting in your face? But You are always thinking them as circus dwarfs, cuddling them and invading their private space. Resulting what?  Getting your toes nibbled or fingers bruised. Dog is a Dog be it a little chihuhua or a Great Den. Its privacy and freedom must be always respected.

What would you prefer?

Situation A- Great Den holding your throat.

Situation B- Chihuahua nibbling your ankle.

Most of us wont be alive after the first situation. The first situation is just for example , I don’t want to offend the tallest breed in here also they are most easygoing and loving breeds.( I once had to bath after I was licked by a Female Great Dane all over my head. I am not kidding, They are very affectionate specially females)  

Final Words-

I will really advise people who are going to bad masters not to ever adopt a bigger breed, as a ill treated untrained Huge dog will be always fatal than a smaller one.  


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    • Adopt-a-Dog profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Bangalore, Karnataka

      @ topshelf. We often think small dogs like cute dolls and eventually get our's or someone's ankle chewed. Thanks for enjoying the hub.

    • topshelf profile image


      8 years ago from South Florida

      Good points. I never realized how many of us do all of these things to little dogs!!


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