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Why Do People Have Pets?

Updated on April 30, 2014

Why do we keep pets? This question was asked by a fellow Hubber Dana Teresa. It really started me thinking! Why do people have pets?

Baby When She Was A Puppy


I Always Had Pets When I Was A Child

As a child I always knew I had to have pets. My Mother seem to understand that need because she allowed me to keep any stray dog or cat that came onto our property. There was always room "for just one more" until we could find the animal a home. We usually just kept the dog or cat!

I have always loved animals. I had a wonderful childhood growing up in the country. We had lots of animals on our farm. These animals added a lot to my life as a child. These farm animals were ALL my pets. The first thing I did in the morning was to go out and and milk our cow and goat before school. Rain or shine; cold weather or hot. That was my job. Some mornings, Lucy, the cow didn’t want to stand still for me to milk her. She was a moody cow. Depending on her mood she would either stand very still for me to do my job, or she would wait until I had the bucket almost full of milk, and then she would look around at me and KICK! There would go the milk all over the ground. Nanny, the goat was always glad to see me. It didn’t take as long to milk her (goats have two teats and don’t produce as much milk at the four treated cow). My daddy depended on Nanny’s milk to drink because it helped his delicate stomach. Even though Lucy would misbehave at times, I really liked her. I liked Nanny too. They were both warm to the touch and I could talk to them about anything.

After the milking was done, my job was to slop the hogs. I was never really fond of the hogs. They just squealed a lot and smelled really bad. I’m told that miniature (potbelly) pigs make good pets, but I wouldn’t want one. Pigs have a reputation for being extremely intelligent, more so than the other animals. If they are so smart, why do they roll in the mud?

I had a horse named Molly. I could tell Molly anything. She would listen as I brushed her and combed her long tail and mane. When I came home from school, she was always waiting for me to come and get her ready to ride. She was a gentle animal and never minded being saddled and bridled.

I had pet chickens, too. Yes, chickens make great pets. They are so smart. One of my hens knew her name and she would let me pull her around in my wagon. The chickens rewarded us with eggs (and fried chicken). I hated to see my Mother catch a chicken to prepare it for dinner. I would hide and not look when she did this horrible deed!

My Best Friend As A Child Was My Dog, Chubby

My very best friend was my dog. His name was Chubby. He was a mutt. Chubby was one of many who found our home a safe refuge. He was a beautiful white dog who weighed about 50 pounds. He was by my side day and night. Chubby saved me from drowning when I was about ten years old. I had gone swimming in the creek behind our house and began to have cramps. When he heard me scream for help, he actually grabbed my bathing suit and pulled me out of the creek and onto the bank.

Every child needs a good friend to tell their troubles to, and Chubby was always there for me.

I think having and caring for animals helped to build my character and that has followed me all my life.

I Married A Man Who Would Become A Veterinarian

In all the years of growing up I was never without a dog. It was just something I had to have. When I grew up, I married a man who would become a Veterinarian. He shared my love for animals, especially the horses. I loved helping him in his practice. I would hold the animals for him to treat; even the cows and the horses.

Baby, My Miniature Schnauzer

This is a very young Baby
This is a very young Baby | Source

Baby Just Got Groomed


Baby And I Go For A Walk


Baby Is Begging


Why Do We Need And Want To Have Pets?

I wonder: Why do we need and want to have pets? There are many reasons. I can only speak for myself. Other people would give different reasons and rationale. At the present time I have a four year old Miniature Schnauzer. Her name is Baby. I will tell you why I want her and need her:

Why do I want a dog like Baby?

She keeps me from spending money on stuff that I don’t need, like new clothes and jewelry. I have to buy her essentials, like sweaters when it’s cold. She gets a new collar about every month. She has to have good hair brushes and toenail trimmers.

She keeps me active and from being a couch potato. I play fetch with her even if I don’t feel like going out to play.

She causes me to be unselfish. Even when I don’t feel like it, she still expects me to take her for a walk. She insists on going for a walk at 4 p.m. every day. I think she can tell time.

She keeps me from going to the Beauty Shop to get my hair done. I save money by doing my hair myself. Her silky white hair is more important to get groomed.

I don’t go to the doctor with every little complaint. Her Veterinarian bills have to be paid first.

I don’t go to the dentist as often as I should, because she has to have the tartar cleaned from her teeth.

She keeps me from going out to eat at restaurants. I can't afford to eat out. I can barely afford her special prescribed dog food. Baby has food allergies and has to eat a special diet that only the Vet. sells.

She has taught me to have patience. Teaching a dog how to do tricks requires a lot of time and patience. I have taught Baby to sit up and beg, roll over, play dead, jump through a hoop and dance. She is extremely intelligent!

She keeps me at home where I belong. I can’t afford to board her if I want to go away. I wouldn’t trust anyone else with my dog. (Unless it is a trusted member of the family). My Granddaughter came to my house and cared for her so I could go to Puerto Rico recently.

I need her love. When my family and friends neglect to spend time with me, or they are too busy with their own lives and I’m feeling lonely, Baby curls up with me and lets me know how much she cares.

I never have to sleep alone.

Baby keeps me young at heart. She makes me laugh!

They say a dog is man’s best friend: well, Baby is my best friend!

Baby Is Keeping Her Eyes Peeled For A Squirrel


Baby's Ball Is Stuck In The Fence


Baby And Me In The Pool


Having A Pet Brings Out The Best In All Of Us

Having a pet brings out the best in all of us. I think we are better people if we have a pet. I believe people have a deep seated desire to care for “something” and pets fulfill that desire.

There are many reasons why people should NOT have pets. Maybe they are unable to give the pet the unconditional love that is necessary for the pet. Maybe they just can’t afford to take proper care of a pet.

Maybe they can’t deal with the heartbreak that comes from losing a pet. That’s a subject for another article; another time.

There are those people who should NOT have pets. Those are the people who are cruel and neglect their dogs and cats. Those people should leave pet ownship to those of us who truly love animals. There are millions of us out there!

Baby On The Raft In The Pool


A Very Good Pet Forum

I have discovered a Pet Forum that I think is great. You can ask or answer any question about your pet's health or just about anything about your pet. It's so nice because you can actually discuss subjects with other pet lovers. It's a very interesting and informative Forum. Go to:

Articles I Have Written About My Pet, Baby, A Miniature Schnauzer

I invite you to read my articles I have written about Baby. These will explain a little more about why I have her as a pet. She brings happiness and joy to me!

Do You Like To Have A Pet?

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Miniature Schnauzers Playing


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