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Why not buy a bed for your dog?

Updated on June 2, 2013

The saying,'I will stand by you' seems to sum up the friendship which existed between man and the dog since the prehistoric times.The hunter gathering community started domesticating wolves to use in their hunting ventures and to guard their dwellings or caves from intruders.The hunter gathering community passed on the baton to the modern humanity. The modern man has an unwavering love for the dog - humanity's best friend to extend of going an extra mile of spoiling a dog with all sorts of goodies. Indeed dogs need that affection from their owners. Dogs are charming and clever animals they deserve better.

Modern humanity have become so attached to dogs to the extend of leaving wills, to donate large sums of money to dogs sanctuaries. This in itself proves the point that dogs of today deserves better treatment and should lead dignified lives.The modern man improved on the breeds of dogs and the way how we to look after them.In the prehistoric times dogs could not get treatment from the veterinary surgeon. Most of them would just die of treatable diseases - they usually die a painful death.Their diets were mainly of bones and left overs from dead animals and from left overs and fell overs from their owners tables.The dogs of the yester years had to scavenge for food and had to sleep outside in the cold, in rainy and windy weather. Gone are the days when dogs used to be treated as garbage. Dogs of today deserve some basic needs, a trip to the veterinary surgeon once in a while and comfy place to sleep.

Dogs of today need a balanced diet and a comfortable sleep in a kennel or even in the house. Does a dog have to sleep on the floor? obviously no. A dog deserves a good night 's sleep on bed - this was taboo in prehistoric times for a dog to sleep on a bed in the house next to its owner or outside in a kennel. If we all love to sleep on comfortable beds after a day of hard work, why can't we also buy beds for our dogs so that they can have a comfortable sleep after a day full of activities? Dogs of the yester years although they were very loyal to their owners they couldn't afford the luxurious life enjoyed by modern dogs.

I agree in total that the modern dogs should enjoy luxurious lives like their owners.If there are dog lovers out there who share my view that our dogs should be spoiled and should lead a life of luxury,don't shy away from buying your dogs beds. Dogs have blood too and they deserve a good night's sleep on a comfortable bed.The best bed for your dog is Coolaroo Elevated Pet bed.This bed is foldable and is made from durable steel.This bed can be purchased at Amazon through the link below.

It is currently selling at $32.03.Show your dog that you care for it and to say thank you to your dog for being such a good companion to you over the years,surprise it by buying this comfortable bed for it. Indeed true friendship runs deep, a dog is to mankind and mankind is to dog. A good turn deserves another,say thank you, to your dog by clicking the mouse and buying this superb bed for it.


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