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Wildfire Pet Preperation

Updated on August 2, 2014

Plan! Plan! Plan!

You must develop a plan to respond to a wildfire in your community. While you are drafting this plan you need to take into account your pets. An escape route from your house should be developed that will take you past all emergency supplies.

You should plan on evacuating your house before an evacuation order so you have more time to deal with your frightened pets. Discuss with your family how to get your pets to safety. Brainstorm to develop the safest and fastest way to evacuate with your pets.

Your plan should include details on what to do after you have safely evacuated. Red cross evacuation shelters do not allow pets. So you may have to stay with family, friends, or at a hotel to accommodate your pets.

Identification should be attached to your pets at all times. If you have to leave your pets behind, or get separated during the evacuation, Animal Control will have a means of contacting you to reunite you with your pet.


Emergency Kit

You need to accommodate your pets in your emergency kit. Place documentation of all vaccinations your pet has received in your emergency kit. Bring along canned wet food as it has a long shelf life, and is easily stored. You should also include a few toys to reduce the stress on your pet, and a few leashes to walk them. Any other items your pet requires should be Included as well.

Make a checklist, and confirm your emergency kit is complete monthly. Check for missing or expired items. Replace as indicated.


Pet Evac Quiz

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The best way to evacuate a family pets Is in a crate. Have enough crates of sufficient size to accommodate all of your animals. Train your pets to enter the crates on command to ease stress and to facilitate a quicker evacuation.

The best foundation for surviving a disaster is a well formed plan. Take the time to develop your emergency plan, and the rest of the steps will fall into place.


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