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Updated on October 18, 2009

Rea Valley's Incredible Sue

Rea Valley's Incredible Sue
Rea Valley's Incredible Sue

Bloodhound Incredible Sue

 Wrinkledpups Bloodhounds 1996-2006 
      This this the first of a series of stories about Wrinkledpups Bloodhounds. These incredible dogs aided in the search for lost and missing persons for ten years with their owner and trainer Amber Higgins, her daughter Anastasia and a few human partners and admirers. Rea Valley's Incredible Sue was the first Bloodhound of Wrinkledpups.

Wrinkledpups were raised in the Ozark Mountains of North Centeral Arkansas USA....

Tested True Southern Bred Working Bloodlines, with the added touch of   Championship Show Bloodlines for da looks with da nose...

           "Rea Valley's Incredible Sue"
     Certified "Distinqusted Expert Mantrailer"

                                          18 months old

                          In Loving Memory From the Mountains to the Sea
                             Aug 29,1997 indiana - Jan 5th 2006 oregon
Incredible Sue was obtained by dog trainer Amber Higgins as her choice for a dog to train for searching for missing people. Amber's husband and teenage son's were on the local volunteer Fire Department who asked her if she would be interested in volunteering with a dog. After 15 years of professionally training dogs and working with a number of professional show dog people Amber knew the dog for the job was a Bloodhound. Finding Incredible Sue in 1997 proved to be another story because Bloodhounds were rather rare and it took a few months to find Sue in Indiana, of all places. At four months old Incredible Sue began her training as a mantrailer.14 months later, after 500 hours of daily training in the art of mantrailing Incredible Sue and Amber certified at the highest law enforcment level at a police dog seminar held in Mountain Home Arkansas. Incredible Sue remained on-call 24/7 to local fire departments and law enforment for most of her life. She was a natural trailer who was always right, she had a quite calm personality that was easy to please and never asked for anything in return. Sue was a little shy with strangers unless you were the person she found then you were hers until she got you back to base camp. She worked water in an amazing way and swam like a sea diver..walking underwater, blowing bubbles from her nose, ear floating above her on the surface she walked along the floor of a creek or lake. She was truly an incredible dog to know.

A few of Incredible Sue's accomplishments are:

Trailed and sucessfully located evidence to the whereabouts of a lost alizimers patient after 5 days missing along a busy interstate in a heavily wooded area.
Trailed a missing person who was lost 3 days in bad weather conditions.
Together with her handler and another search memeber set out one evening and covered 22 miles over rough mountains,crossed the river in the moon light to a lost campers site and returned on foot by day break.

Her last search was in 2006 and at age nine in 102 degree heat of the day she successfully showed us where the missing man was. Sue never missed a mark.

Incredible Sue's legacy lives on in many puppies who went to work as search dogs with emergency response teams all across the United States of America.

Volunteered with owner/trainer/handler Amber Higgins from 1998-2004 with Marion County Emergency Management Office, Rea Valley Fire Department and Marion County Rescue Squad.  


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