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Da boys

Updated on October 18, 2009


Wrinkledpups Sir Beaureguard was from Rea Valley's Incredible Sue and Blue Boy Homer
Wrinkledpups Sir Beaureguard was from Rea Valley's Incredible Sue and Blue Boy Homer


This is part two in a series about Wrinkledpups Bloodhounds. This page is dedicated to theĀ Foundation Sires- fondly known asĀ "da-boys"

First there was a classic Bloodhound who was known as "Blue Boy Homer"1990-2003

Homer was Bred by Master K9 Tractic Instructor and Wrinkledpups Mentor: Lt Ezra Roberts of Baxter Co So, retired. Homer worked in law enforcement for 6 yrs before coming to Wrinkledpups to volunteer and continue Ezra's Bloodlines.

Homer recertified at Expert Level Mantrailing at age 8 then volunteered with as a search dog for 2 years with Amber Higgins of Wrinkledpups.. in 8 years of service he found over 25 people and 2 tigers which attacked his handler and lucky for all the tigers were brought down in time. Homer retired at the age of 10 and lived to age 12, old in Bloodhound standards. The dog pictured is Homer's son Beaureguard.

Another of Homer's Son " Homer Jr" sired many of Wrinkledpups offspring that went to homes with fire and police department rescue squad volunteers from 1999-2006.

Homer Jr was a full brother to Miss Yeti, they were the only pups from Blue Boy Homer and Prancing Red Yeti who had excellent show bloodlines and beautiful soild red color.

Jr sired many Bloodhound pups that today continue to past on Homer's Fine Bloodlines and Police Lt Ezra Roberts dedication to finding missing persons.

Another one of da-boys at Wrinkledpups from 2003-2005 was "Jed Clampett's Remmington", a big beautiful black and tan Bloodhound.
"Remmy" Came to Wrinkledpups from a well known and respected breeder in Florida where he had over 20 offspring working in fire and police response. His bloodlines were related to the Beverly Hillbillies movie dog bloodlines and he carried his name with him when he came to Wrinkledpups. He weighed 135 lbs. He was OFA and DNA certified.

Bred for Incredible Search Dogs and Great Loveable Pets...Wrinkledpups proved themselves at Both.

This page is dedicated to the Wrinkles with brains that aim to please loving memory.


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