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Yorkshire Horse riding

Updated on February 27, 2012

Yorkshire Life

Living in Yorkshire means I am never far away from horses and horse loving people. I had a long break from the horse scene as I never had the time to look after one properly. Come the downturn and a friend asked me if I would pitch in and give him a hand to build up a fledgling stables he was trying to grow.

The stables has a full range of stock from Shetland ponies,Cobs,Pony club ponies and even a few thoroughbred horses. The stables is now open and a slow trickle of customers have started coming. The stables has full size arena with jumps and a composite floor which minimises injury from falls or trips.

The Menage is fully enclosed by railings and dressage mirrors are positioned at various places. Daily trimming is done by a quad bike equipped with an attachment for levelling the arena after each days riding.

The stable backs onto four acres of sloping grassland and is truly an idyllic setting

The new menage

New arena
New arena | Source

Quad Bike

Levelling up the arena
Levelling up the arena | Source

Makes short work of it

Ten minutes levels up the arena
Ten minutes levels up the arena | Source

Good housekeeping

Ten minutes on the quad bike makes short work of levelling the arena. As well as looking good it leaves a compacted and level surface for novice ponies and horses. The composite material also provides a lot safer environment if you fall off.

Traditional materials used

New rockery
New rockery | Source

New rockery

The new rockery looks superb and plants and shrubs are being planted ready for the spring when they should all be in bloom.

Stable girl keeps the place clean

Stable hands
Stable hands | Source

Old ice cream van

Traditional ice cream van
Traditional ice cream van | Source

Ice cream van

We found this van on a local farm. It is not roadworthy but the fridges all work and it runs on both mains and it's own generator. The model is a Bedford cf which is pretty well known around here. It really is a great conversation piece around here as most people of my generation will have owned one at some time.

New office

Little office
Little office | Source

Open day

Day one
Day one | Source

Good crowd for the first day

Open day
Open day | Source

Cob getting cooled down

I know some unusual people
I know some unusual people | Source

Some local lads

Local lads getting a horse trained.
Local lads getting a horse trained. | Source

Getting settled in

Sulky training
Sulky training | Source


You need a lot for working with horses. Do it right and they will charge machine guns or anything else for that matter

A thoroughbred

Some of the stock
Some of the stock | Source

Jordan at the stables

Living with autism
Living with autism | Source


Fourteen years ago we were left with a baby to look after. Here he is now, He has autistic spectrum disorder but no worse for that. Given the choice again I would do the same thing over again. The deal comes with great pluses and only a few minuses. No fear,No pain,No awareness of danger. Apart from that we are best mates and I have never treated him as a kid,if that makes sense. We are best mates.

Dr spock

Star treck
Star treck | Source

Expectant mother

In the family way
In the family way | Source

Nosey old girl

Last summer
Last summer | Source

Old flower sellers cart

Flower sellers barrow
Flower sellers barrow | Source

Traditional bow top caravan

Old school caravan
Old school caravan | Source

Unusual stuff comes around

1 Horsepower
1 Horsepower | Source

Old school

If I had my time again maybe just maybe. Some times unusual stuff comes around. This really is an age gone by. Bradford still has a large gypsy community. I can only sit and wonder what a fantastic life style it would of been to live like this.

A sort of luggage rack I suppose

Extra storage
Extra storage | Source


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    • stugod profile imageAUTHOR

      Stuart Goddard 

      6 years ago from Bradford

      Thanks Cloverleaf. I travelled a fair bit when I was younger. Nearly every country in Europe and some Africa. Always feels good to get back to Yorkshire though.

    • Cloverleaf profile image


      6 years ago from Calgary, AB, Canada

      Hi Stuart, you've brought back some great memories for me here. I lived in North Yorkshire for a couple of years before emigrating to Canada. Great photos!


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