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Your Basset Hound and You

Updated on February 15, 2012

Your Pet Hush Puppy

A breed of short legged dog from the hound family, Basset Hounds are scents hounds, bred to hunt hares and rabbits through scents.

Their smelling sense for tracking is only 2nd to those of Bloodhounds. The term "Basset" comes from the French word for "low," or "bas."

With the suffix attenuating "-et," the word means "somewhat low." Usually tricolor or bicolor, Basset Hounds have a standard coloration for hounds.

These dogs are long, solid, short, and large with sabre curved tails held highly over their backs which are quite long.

Founder of Basset Hounds that are modern Everett Millais once referred to his French basset as 'about four feet long and a foot high.'

Adult dogs of this breed weigh between twenty and thirty-five kilograms. With Bloodhound ancestry, this breed is known for its skin structure which hangs.

This causes his face to look occasionally sad which adds to the charm of the breed. Seen as the neck's elastic skin, the dewlap around the neck and ears that trail along with the Bloodhound make its face seem sad, which for some adds to the charm of this breed.

Dewlaps also help with scent trapping as they track their prey. Their necks are wider than their heads and combined with the face loose skin means that you can easily pull off collars which are flat.

Previously the standards of the FCI described this skin characteristic of this breed resembling Bloodhounds as 'loose.'

The short legs of Basset hounds are mainly because of a dwarfism form. Their statures which are short can be deceiving.

Long Bassets can actually reach things on tops of tables that other dogs with the same height are not able to.

They are not able to hold their heads above water for a lengthy time as they swim due to the fact that they have short legs but are heavy.

For this reason any time a Basset Hound is near a body of water such as a river, the beach or a swimming pool, they must be closely supervised.

The constantly shedding coat of the basset hound is soft, smooth and long. It is acceptable to have any coloration for the hound but depending on the country, this varies.

These are usually White and Tan bicolor, black, white and tan tricolors or lemon to red or reddish brown if they are tan. There are some types that fall under the classification of blue or gray but these colors are considered undesirable and rare.

Usually, Bassets have clear defined while blazes with a tail that has a white tip. This is for the intention of aiding hunters find their dogs when underbrush tracking.

To other pets as well as people, Basset Hounds are friendly and make great companions for kids. Due to the fact that these are scent hounds, they should always be leashed on walks.

Even if they leave the impression of being lazy, these dogs have a tendency to go after prey. Leashes are essential for their safety as a general rule due to this tendency.

Even with Bassets that have a tendency to oversleep more than other dogs, daily walks are still a necessity.

Known for being a breed which is vocal, Bassets bark or howl when there is something they would like or if they feel that something is not right. They use a lower whine that is murmuring to get attention which sounds to many pet owners that their hounds are 'speaking' to them. These whines are also utilized by hounds for begging for treats or food and vary in volume depending on the individual hound nature and time length it has been begging.

Quite attached to their owners, these dogs are very loyal. They love their master selflessly. They also love those they patronize such as children. They hate being left by themselves and pet owners need to understand that their pet will need gentle correction when they are being stubborn. Best as a family dog with a fenced large back yard, Basset Hounds are also very social dogs.

With pendant large ears known as 'leathers,' there is no air circulation possible within the ears unlike the kinds of breeds that have open, erect ears.

For this reason, ear mites or infections could arise if their ears are not kept dry and clean. If the ears are allowed to get into food or drag on the ground each and every day, they may develop potentially fatal and chronic diseases of the ears.

Puppies who are younger trip on their ears and my accidentally bite their ears if it gets into their food plate.

With skin breaks come possible infections and regularly cleaning both the inside and outside of the ears as well as ear wax removal will prevent the infection.

The short stance of the Basset Hound is due to a condition that is genetic known as Osteochondrodysplasia. This means abnormal growing cartilage or bones.

Dog dwarfism is known as Achondroplasia. Bulldogs, Dachshunds, Basset Hounds or Achondroplasia are a few breeds of dogs that have the Achondroplasia classification.

Very old dogs or Basset Hound puppies should be disallowed from jumping down from heights because of how short they are. Due to the build of their body, they can hurt their hips if they fall too far. They can also break a leg or injure their spine.

Many times, advertising logos use Basset Hounds. The shoe brand Hush Puppies uses this breed for their logo.

Because of this, occasionally, they are referred to as "Hushpuppies." These also serve as the companion of the Maytag Appliance Maytag Man in the advertisements.

A basset hound was also advertised in the gasoline Flying A that was advertised by Tidewater Petroleum.

In the early days of TV, the famous Hound Dog song of Elvis Presley referred to a Basset Hound on the SteveAllen Show.

Other Bassets who are famous include Cleo from The People’s Choice and the dog of Columbo. Aside from this, many films by Disney also feature Basset Hounds.


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    • profile image

      Phoebe Pike 6 years ago

      I love Basset Hounds! They are so cute...

    • Eiddwen profile image

      Eiddwen 6 years ago from Wales

      Oh another true gem from you and yes another vote up plus bookamrk.

      Thank you so much for sharing;I am having a great morning.

      Take care and enjoy your day.


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      Adrian Smith 6 years ago from UK

      Such a cute picture! :) thx for the interesting hub, voted up.