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Your Dog Will Change Your Life

Updated on January 3, 2016

We nurtured Sasha, our family pup, throughout the duration of my childhood. While she was an entirely loyal and benevolent companion, the thought of caring for a dog of my own left me a bit skeptical. Would it be too much to handle without several others to pick up the slack should I be feeling distressed or just downright lazy?

Fast forward a couple years. I'm sharing an apartment with my SO and though we had two felines I still managed to contract the dog fever. Only months thereafter, Noah entered our lives. I can't speak for my boyfriend, but I can share how this half a year old "Bagle Hound" (Beagle Basset Hound) transformed my existence from day numero uno and several supporting reasons why you shouldn't think twice about adopting a dog.

If you were to rate me from one to ten on the introvert scale, I linger around an eleven. In other words, I'd rather dedicate any given evening to the comfort of my bed and an intriguing book than the annoyance of a nightclub. The thought of public speaking gives me the desire to hole up inside myself and I often choose to be alone instead of surrounding myself with people - friends, acquaintances or otherwise. Despite my lack of excitement for the company of people, when my dog has to go, I'm required to already have one foot out the door. Noah typically gets approximately six walks a day. While this number is not necessary by any means, he certainly enjoys them and I'm more than happy to comply. Prior to becoming a dog owner, it was rare that I would stroll around for the sole purpose of fresh air and exercise. Now that I'm forced to get out there, I take pleasure in it. Not only that, but I also partake in conversations with some of our neighbors. I'd be willing to bet that if I didn't have Noah, I probably wouldn't recognize their faces.

My dog redefines love - love for nearly everyone. He adores people and animals alike and his favorite activity appears to be dragging me along so that he can say hello. Even when he encounters a complete stranger he is frequently eager to introduce himself. Experiencing my dog's unconditional love towards myself and others inspires me to spread kindness and positivity on a regular basis. Chances are, yours would too!

Dogs are exceedingly forgiving creatures. They bear no malice to their humans for everything from withholding a scrap of table food from them to crating during the workday. If people possessed the ability to forgive and forget that dogs do, the world would likely be in better shape.

Dogs can be a friend to rely on, a shoulder to lean on and a form of protection. Any canine, whether they come from a shelter or a breeder, occupies the extraordinary ability to take your life from drab to meaningful if treated correctly. Take it from me - a cat person and dog advocate - your furry friend WILL alter your life.


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