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German Shepherd Shedding Hair - Brush, brush, brush

Updated on July 9, 2012
German Shepherd and child
German Shepherd and child
German Shepherd with little girl
German Shepherd with little girl

German Shepherds are great with kids but...

We have a five year old German Shepherd that we have had since she was a puppy. Her name is Maggie. She is a great family dog. The only problem is her hair gets everywhere. German Shepherds have two coats of hair. The undercoat which is finer, and a longer more coarse outer coat that they shed year round. A lot. Some people ask how often do German Shepherds blow their coats. From our experience it's all the time, that's why they're affectionately called the German Shedder.

We brush her almost daily, but it wasn't until we combined the brushing, combing and vacuuming did we get it under control.

You will need a few types of brushes.

1. The bristle brush and comb. Use the bristle brush daily and comb the dog twice per week. Our German Shepherd doesn't like to be brushed, but we have found her to be more at ease when she is tired after a long walk.

2. Use a shedding blade during the heavy shedding times of year only if you are trained to use them. I'm not and instead opt for a rake brush that goes to the skin and gets out the matted hair on the neck and back of the legs.

3. Vacuum brush. Once you're done with the brush use the vacuum brush. My dog doesn't like it, but it is very effective after brushing her. This really cuts down on the hair that we have to clean up later.

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      • profile image

        dogfond 4 years ago

        I have two german shepherds. They shed yes but not to the point of losing all their hair.

      • profile image

        Amy Louise03 5 years ago

        At most pet stores, the sell a brush called the Furminator. Brushing them for about 5 to 10 minutes a day eliminates a lot of fur.

      • profile image

        Frank 5 years ago

        My GSD male will be 4 years old in July. We live in south Texas, extremly hot and summers just begun. I brush Axel everyday with a curry brush. Curry brushs are used on horses but works really good on a shep. Gets the undercoat off...helps keep him cooler also.

      • Paul Edmondson profile image

        Paul Edmondson 9 years ago from Burlingame, CA

        @athena, It's normal for dogs to shed, but it doesn't sound normal to lose all their hair. Best to take her to the vet.

      • profile image

        Athena 9 years ago

        have a ?my german shepherd sheds so bad that she looks like a rat now..her tail is not bushy nomore and i'm worried is this normal?

      • profile image

        Jules 9 years ago

        Good info base. I have a very hairy baby and have to vacuum three times a day in my kitchen! As well as weekly thorough grooming I have him professionally groomed four times a year and the loosening coat is really blown out. I use a steel comb with a thick rubber band weaved through the teeth - it's great for getting all that loose coat out - far more effective than anything else I have tried - even better than the furminator!! Try it. It works. I have recently discovered Quistel Omega 3 food supplement and I put 10ml in his tea every day - this has also helped reduce the shedding. Hope the above tips are useful. :)

      • Sweeps Luck profile image

        Sweeps Luck 9 years ago from Fountain Inn

        Great Hub..Cute pictures, oh, and the puppy is cute too. :-) We love our GSD"S.

      • luke jones profile image

        luke jones 10 years ago from checotah

        nice information, i think that people that arent professional groomers will benefit well from this information.