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A day in the life of Johann: An Agility Dog Living in the Mountains

Updated on March 6, 2013

I'm Johann, and this is my sister Gracie!

For a few years, Mum and I had a live in the mountains spending time hiking and doing agility.

Mum and I planned for over a year for our move, researching places that we'd like to live.

Then in March of 2010 we took the big leap! That was when Mum, my sis, Gracie and my kittie bros, Wolfie and Wiggy, packed up a moving van and headed for the Mountains.

That's Gracie (on the left) and me (on the right) just a few days after we moved to our cabin in the mountains. Now we are living in doggie heaven, and I wanted to share it with you!

I rise!

I'm a lucky dog...every night I get to sleep with my Mum on the human bed.

We never need an alarm clock because every morning my kittie bros, Wolfie and Wiggy, wake us up early in the day.

The first thing Mum and I do is have a good wrestle on the bed.

It's a great way to start off the day on the right paw!

I eat!

After's always time for breakfast!

Feeding time at our 'ranch' is just a bit of an operation. First the kitties get fed, Wolfie on a table (up and away from me and Gracie), Wiggy in another room with the door shut, since he needs his peace and quiet for proper digestion.

Then it's time for me and Gracie to have our breakfast.

Sometimes we have super duper high quality kibble, but many days we get some yummy raw food!

Here I am enjoying one of my favorite raw foods - chicken backs with organs!

I work!

After breakfast, it's time for me and Mum to get to work!

I help Mum most of the day with our work. Whether it's running her marketing consulting firm for pet businesses, Pawsible Marketing, or helping her run my businesses, and There is always something to keep us busy!

I test out dog products and give Mum my recommendations. I bark with her clients from time to time. I dictate blog posts for all of my blogs, and give her messages to post on my Facebook and Twitter. But one of my main jobs is making sure anything that goes out the door, has my paw of approval!

Cool stuff for cool dogs!

Be sure and visit my website - - where you can shop for cool stuff for cool dogs!

We've put together, in one place, all the cool stuff you need for your dog!

Find dog beds, all natural foods and treats, collars, leashes, charms, training and agility gear, vitamins and supplements, books, clothing, toys, crates, dog seat belts, t-shirts and other cool stuff for two and four-leggers!

And the best part is we donate 10% of our profits to dog shelters and rescues!

I play!

Every day, Mum, Gracie and I have some play time!

We have a few things that are our favorite. Since we've been living here in the Mountains, we love taking an hour or so break during the day and hike up the ridge.

We get to see all kinds of wildlife from deer, squirrels and mice, to grouse, badgers, raccoons and lots of birds. Oh so fun!

If it's raining, we stay inside or on the covered porch and play games! I love learning new tricks, and Mum always has one up her sleeve to teach me! Sometimes we'll even take a break during the day to do a little agility training!

Hiking time! - One of our favorite things.

Click thumbnail to view full-size

I rest

After our hiking trip, I like to take a little rest.

It does the body good to take time out, take a break, recharge, refresh, and get ready for the rest of the day.

My favorite spot this time of year is the sun puddle in the office where Mum works.

Sometimes my kittie bros like to share the sun puddle with me...I don't mind.

There's nothing better than living the life of my dog, Johann!

-- My Mum

I agility!

Well, I do agility, BOL!

After a quick dinner, Mum, Gracie and I will head out for agility training!

For the three of us, it's our absolute favorite thing to do in the World. There's nothing like running a course with my Mum directing me...running, jumping, weaving, climbing those a-frames and dogwalks, and zoomin' through a tunnel or two.

On a good run I feel in total sync with my Mum, and she with me! It's an incredible high. This is me zoomin' out of a tunnel at a trial not too long ago!

Doing my agility thing!

I love!

After we get home from agility, we usually all find our spots on the couch for some cuddle time. It's one of my favorite times of day because I get to spend it with my entire family.

Gracie likes it at Mum's feet. I like it where Mum can rub my belly. Wiggy likes to lay on Mum's lap. And Wolfie likes to lie near Mum's head, BOL!

Many times when it's a bit on the chilly side, you'll find all five of us cuddled together on the couch in the late evening, watching a good movie.

I'm crazy about my family...Wiggy, Gracie and Wolfie!



I sleep!

Pretty's that time of day when you go to bed and dream about all the fun for tomorrow!

Nite, nite...


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