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Shopping for your Affenpinscher

Updated on November 18, 2014
GollyGearHope profile image

Hope Saidel is co-owner of Golly Gear, a bricks-and-mortar and online shop featuring fun, affordable and practical small dog products

Affens are mischievous monkey-faces!

According to the AKC Standard, "The Affenpinscher is a balanced, wiry-haired terrier-like toy dog whose intelligence and demeanor make it a good house pet. Originating in Germany, the name Affenpinscher means, "monkey-like terrier." In France the breed is described as the "Diablotin Moustachu" or moustached little devil. Both describe the appearance and attitude of this delightful breed. He is described as having a neat but shaggy appearance."

Here at our shop, Golly Gear, we know Affenpinschers, like all toy dogs, are real dogs - with real dog needs. That's why we specialize in products especially suited for small dogs - collars and harnesses that fit, leashes that don't weigh them down, treats that are treats and not entire meals. Our dog-loving staff will be delighted to help you find exactly the right stuff for your beloved Affenpinscher!

Microfiber Step-in Harness

The Microfiber Step-in Harness by Dogline is a great little dog basic. It's easy to put on and easy to take off, made of microfiber with up-to-the minute European styling, it's extremely durable and comfortable for our little guys! Available in three colors and five adjustable sizes.


Any Affen would love getting back to his "roots" - making the world safe from varmints! Skinneeez start out stuffing-free - so your Affen can get right to the serious business of playing tug without having to rip out the stuffing, first! Skinneeez are available in six styles: Chipmunk, Fox, Rabbit, Raccoon, Skunk and Squirrel.

Water Rover

Little black dogs get hot - very hot! Keep your pup cool carry a Water Rover. The Water Rover is the most ingenious invention we've seen to carry your little dog's water supply! The cap has a built-in belt clip, so no hands are needed to carry the Water Rover! To fill the Water Rover, just unscrew the wide-mouth cap and fill with water. When your pup needs water, just pull out the stopper and put the Water Rover down. Water flows into the bowl instantly. The flow will stop automatically - the bowl will not overflow! When your little one is finished drinking, tilt the bowl back so that the extra water flows back into the bottle - no waste!Available in six bowl colors.

Affenpinscher Minky Sue
Affenpinscher Minky Sue

EzyDog Harness

The EzyDog Harness is a stylish, easy to use, practical harness for your little dog that doubles as a Car Seatbelt! Use the EzyDog Harness every day as a great walking harness. The EzyDog Harness comes with a seatbelt attachment, designed to work with the harness. Just clasp the seatbelt attachment to the EzyDog Harness, slip your car's seatbelt through the loop, and click the seatbelt locked. Your dog is safe in his seat! Available in three sizes and five colors.

Treat Stik

The TreatStik is a great way to put the interest back in your pup's mealtimes! Some little dogs need to be persuaded to eat, but many times that's because they're just bored. The TreatStik makes meals a fun game. When you put your dog's kibble in the TreatStik, roll it around on the floor so that a few pieces fall out of the small hole, she'll see how much fun it is to play! She'll get the hang of the TreatStik in no time and be eager for the game!

The Treat Stik is also a great toy. Just put a few pieces of kibble or a couple of treats in the TreatStik and your dog will be chasing it all over the place once he figures out there's good stuff to be had! Journey, the Brussels Griffon, loves his - he knows there's a treat in there!

EasyGo Harness

The EasyGo Harness fits perfectly first and every time! Adjusts with an easy slider every time you put it on. Soft, breathable material ensures comfort and flexibility.

Mojo the Affenpinscher
Mojo the Affenpinscher

Affenpinscher resources

It's not always easy to find resources for relatively rare breeds. These groups are filled with Affenpinscher aficionados who can help you with questions about your own Affen, or assist in finding one for you if the Affenpinscher has stolen your heart.

Tell everybody about your Affen!

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