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Animal healer seeks help reuniting mustang with the people who raised him

Updated on May 23, 2016

The mysterious past of a mustang horse leads a healer on a search for answers

Most horse lovers dream of wild horses. They are the very symbol of freedom and survival. Running wild and free is something many of us long for, but the reality often bites and for many mustangs and horses in general, freedom is quickly replaced with human servitude; giving pony rides, taking tourists on trail rides, pulling carriages in crowded city streets or racing and eventing until their bodies wear out and they are sent to meat packing facilities to become food for foreigners who don’t have the same love for horses as pets and symbols of freedom as those living in the west.

Gabriela McAllister, who learned at a very early age that she had a spiritual connection with both man and animal, has always loved horses and dolphins and felt a connection with them, but she felt that connection most strongly when she met a black roan horse known as Star because of his white forehead marking and nose snip.

She had been riding at a local stable on her favorite buckskin horse when he was sold to a buyer. Not wanting to give up riding she asked a worker at the rental stables to suggest another horse. McAllister said the man pulled a sullen angry looking Spanish mustang out of the herd. The horse stood 14.2 hands; the size of a large pony.

“I thought he was a little small for me but this young man always paired me up with decent horses. That’s how Arrow and I met.”

McAllister, being able to “talk” to animals, or sense what they are feeling, felt the horse had a different name than what he was being called. She said when she “asked” the mustang his name, he tried to say a word that sounded like Arrow, but had rolling r’s as in Spanish. When she got back to the barn she asked the manager what the horse might mean and she said the manager’s face turned white.

It turned out that the Mexican workers at the stable called Star “Ardillo” in private, which means rodent or squirrel. McAllister said she was indignant and saw it as an insult to the black mustang, but it turns out that in Mexico there is a black squirrel with a white topped tail and Star soon to be Arrow, had the same color tail with a white patch on top of black!

She said Arrow “hated” the name and did not seem to like the Mexican workers. She had asked if the barn manager knew where Arrow was raised and he said Mexico, but McAllister, who speaks fluent Spanish said that Arrow did not respond to cues in Spanish, only in English, so that did not seem to make sense to her. She felt like Arrows facial markings resembled an arrowhead and “asked” the horse if he would like to be called Arrow and he seemed to approve.

McAllister said that the horses at the stable were not treated that well. They often were ridden by people who abused them by yanking on their mouths, kicking them, bouncing all over their backs and calling them “it” as if they were inanimate objects, not living beings with feelings.

After a few rides with Arrow and spending more time with him to make sure they would be compatible she decided that she wanted to purchase him and get him out of the stables. She said that the stable workers described Arrow as angry and sullen and said he could be dangerous and said that was the last thing she needed in her life.

“”I tend to attract peaceful loving animals as my personal companions. I am a healer so that is a good thing. I have seen animal communicators and other such people have personal companions who are mad as hatters and that is a red flag. Anyone who claims to do this work who has chaotic, angry, fearful animals with them as partners — well it’s a red flag. It’s someone who is not fully walking the talk. So Arrow’s anger issues scared me as that did not work for my life. I also had been in a severe accident riding some years back, I am very careful about who I ride as I cannot take another bad fall. The other thing is with him being 14.2, I thought I may be too big for him. I would keep asking my riding buddy if I looked ok on him. So it was three years to the day I got him out of his living hell that I wanted to buy him. I also just never had the resources to do it. They charged a hefty sum for their horses as they are bomb proof trail horses. The reason for that is exhaustion and pain, because Arrow is not bomb proof. He’ll do anything and go anywhere I ask as long as it’s reasonable and safe. He’s a thinking horse. He’s simply amazing.”

Shortly after obtaining Arrow, McAllister discovered that her then spouse had been lying to her about their finances and keeping secrets from her that led to irreconcilable differences and later divorce. That was when she decided she needed to get herself and her animals away from the situation they were in and move to a better life where they could focus on the future and not dwell on the negative aspects of the past.

When she asked the stable how much they wanted for Arrow, they told her $7000! Even for California prices, that was asking too much. The divorce had depleted her funds and she was afraid that her now ex-husband would try to take her black German Shepherd dog Baldr in a custody battle, so she really did not want to lose Arrow either, but she could not afford the overly inflated price. What was she to do?

saddle rubs from dirty ill fitting tack at the rental stable
saddle rubs from dirty ill fitting tack at the rental stable

McAllister derives a plan to save Arrow and get him to safety

McAllister knew that she could not afford the asking price for Arrow, so decided to ask friends to help her get him out of the stable. She went back to see him in December 2013 after not riding him since the summer. He looked broken and his eyes were dead. She was afraid he would be sent to slaughter and “freaked out”.

She said she had turned her back on another horse when she was in her 20s. McAllister is in her 40s now, but to look at her you would swear she was ten to twenty years younger, which she says is an off-shoot of her healing practice and living a clean life. She said when the other horse went back to its owners, she had a strong feeling it would end up breaking a leg, but she ignored it, later discovering that the horse indeed had died this way and it haunted her ever since. She didn’t want the same thing happening to Arrow, but how could she afford him?

“ I had to raise the money and then once I had some, the terrible people at that place said they wanted $7500 for him! Obviously they knew I wanted him and even though he was not worth that in his broken down state they held it over me. I went to a new friend who is a trainer, Melissa Watkins from Cherokee Ranch in Shadow Hills and begged her help.”

“Being the big hearted person she is and now is a good friend, a covert operation happened to get Arrow out. I could not be there because they knew I wanted him. I had $5000. I went to the big fancy riding stables nearby and met up with Melissa and some of her friends. I literally had just met them. I gave them several envelopes with $500 increments in cash. I said, try to get him down but that’s all I have. They drove away to go get him, a trailer waiting around the corner to grab him then and there if they said yes. We were taking nothing to chance. As they pulled out, I thought, ‘I hope they go get him and are not headed off to Nordstrom’s!’ They texted me their progress. We got Arrow out for $4000. I was grateful. It was still too much but what’s a life worth?”

McAllister said she spent the rest of the money, $1000, to pay the hauler, board at a new stable, shoeing and on brushes and tack. The old tack they used on him at the rental stable had rubbed the hair off his back and he had old scars on his legs from what appeared to be rope burns. Many wild horses are tied with ropes to train them to stand still and if they fight it can leave lasting scars, both physical and mental, so McAllister had some work to do to get Arrow back to a more trusting state.

Arrow stayed at Melissa’s ranch in California until McAllister decided to move back home to New Jersey, to get Arrow out of the city and to a quieter, more peaceful home where the both of them could mend from the hurts the world and people had caused them. It was a journey that would bring both new growth and new surprises when McAllister sought again to find the ancestry of this little black horse with a heart of gold and a willingness to do anything for the woman who rescued him from a life of misery.

Bosal helps protect from mouth damage from poorly fitted metal bits
Bosal helps protect from mouth damage from poorly fitted metal bits

Connected Energy® Healing helps Arrow overcome his abusive past

The rental stable manager had warned both Melissa and Gabi that Arrow was very dangerous and difficult. He was especially sensitive about having his feet handled and had issues with cross ties, baths and fly spray.

"He had to learn trust for humanity all over again. So everyday I went out and worked with him at the same time with a routine. He needed something to count on that created safety. It’s just like dealing with an abused person. You have to create a routine and that creates safety while they learn to trust again. He could not be groomed. He was not even really ok with being touched and forget about going anywhere near his hind end. He would strike with his front feet and kick. He was a hyper scared mess but I knew his mind was not broken; meaning he had not been driven insane though I do not know how he did not go insane. He had PTSD very badly. As we know in humans, the triggers are hard if not impossible to find. That is why going to a completely different location was inherent to gaining his trust and starting over."

At Melissa's ranch, Mcallister began putting her healing energy to work on Arrow. With the quieter, safer atmosphere and gentle handling from a human who genuinely had Arrow's welfare in mind, the horse began to show improvements.

"Once Arrow learned to trust me and me him, I could explain WHY I did everything for him that I was doing. Nothing I did hurt him but it was scary as he was not used to touch or kindness. I had to relate the why to him as a horse and within the context of his life. Emotional Literacy for Animals I call it. ELA. It’s a calling card of my practice. He’s living proof of what my work can do. I always checked in with Melissa as she is a qualified trainer. She would always laugh and say you don’t need me, you are doing everything perfect for that horse. It was a huge compliment to have such an accomplished horse person see how my Connected Energy® Therapy worked when applied to 40 years of being with horses."

"Because he was shod wrong we had to start with his feet. Everyone thought I was insane. He was so dangerous because shoers always caused him pain so everyone thought he would kill someone. But I knew, I absolutely knew we needed to start with his feet to SHOW him we were gonna help and the main source of his structural issues was his feet. When we did that it was clear and evident that he knew we were helping him and he started cooperating faster. I did a lot of my Connected Energy® Sessions on him to help him chiropractically. He would have never tolerated manual adjustments. But my work accomplishes the adjustments without the invasiveness of the physical work. It also releases soft tissue at the same time so my work holds way better than acupuncture or chiropractic on horses and people. Later I brought in a trusted friend who specializes in physical therapy. She has a masters. She studied horse anatomy and I let her work on Arrow. I did this to help him build confidence with other good people and getting him used to more physical touch. By this time ,with me standing close by,he would allow cross ties but to this day he prefers for them not to be on."

"Behaviorally we changed everything. His mouth was very damaged. He had never had his teeth floated or fitted for a bit. I worked with him prior to the dentist working on him and the man could not believe how cooperative this horse as as he could clearly see he had never had work on his teeth done. He was convinced we would have to tranquilize Arrow. We did not because of my work. The man was amazed. He even filed his front teeth as he needed some work to even things out due to some of his teeth being shattered. He said even the most domesticated of hoses would need a tranquilizer for the front teeth. The man said, I don’t know who you are or how you do it but what you do makes a horse feel safe and understand what is happening."

Mcallister mainly rides Arrow bareback, but does have a special western saddle that was given to her by a client and is designed for both horse and rider comfort. She uses a bosal rather than a bit to guide Arrow along with seat and leg cues and has ridden him on the beach, in a cross-country rally, on trails and even a gaming event which Arrow actually seemed to enjoy.

When preparing the horse for a move from California to New Jersey, the veterinarian, Dr. Robertson in Shadow Hills, could not believe what a total gentleman Arrow was. "He saw him during the first week he arrived and said, yeah, he looked dangerous. When Dr. Robertson was brought in to do the health check and certification along with the coggins and vaccinations, he was shocked at Arrow's transformation and said that Arrow was the best patient he had ever worked on even compared to his non abused domestic horse clients."

Mcallister said she was honored that he gave both Arrow and her such a huge compliment. Melissa was with them and felt the compliments were well deserved and the result of a lot of dedication and effort. Gabby says that.Arrow, the big hearted mustang, had managed to release his anger and fear and was making the very most of his second chance at life.

What is Connected Energy® therapy?

"I'm a holistic healer who does Connected Energy® therapy which I developed over the past 20 years. Through my method I am able to "connect" all the issues causing the dis-ease for a person or animal to bring about improved wellness and quality of life."

Don't call Gabriela McAllister a psychic healer or a mystic. While her method of healing and listening to others, both human and non-human animals, may seem unscientific to some, she would beg to differ. Mcallister says that her work is based on metaphysics which looks into how all things are connected through an energy field which is unseen, but felt by almost everyone whether they are willing to believe in it or not.

Mcallister does not see her work as spiritual or religious but based on her ability to work with those unseen energy fields. She admits that she herself is not perfect, but her success rates with humans and animals is well documented and she has even worked with wolves.

A love for animals leads a life spent working for their welfare

Mcallister has always had a love for animals. She learned to ride in Mexico and shared a horse with her sister Eileen. They later moved to New Jersey where she continued to ride at Winnie Stables with a Mr. J. Like so many other horse stables in the U.S. it no longer exists, but she says that Mr. J was a real horseman who retired all his schooling horses rather than selling them at auction where they most likely would have gone to slaughter.

While living in California, Mcallister discovered that her husband of almost a decade had been cheating on her and even though she valued marriage, she felt like she had to get away and start a new life of trust that was not built on lies. Her own parents have been married for 52 years and she said her break-up was embarrassing as well as hurtful.

Because of the divorce, she was short on funds and had thought about allowing Rescue Me Incorporated ( to take Arrow and find him a good home. McAllister sat on the board of Directors for the organization and was close friends with founders Joy and Craig Nadel who helped her keep Arrow and ship him to New Jersey where she moved to be closer to her parents.

"I do not know what I would have done without them and many others who basically dropped everything to help me. I wanted to do what was best by Arrow not what I wanted. But every time Joy and I talked about people coming out to see Arrow I would break down crying. I felt to my soul that leaving him was the wrong thing and when I worked with him he would panic. He would say, I’ve had enough. I trust you. You are my person. You are my family. I explained the trip, I explained I would not be there and it would be hard and very scary for him. I asked him if he could do it without freaking out. I then showed him the farm he would be arriving at with all the green fields and water. He was always saying even prior to my life going nuclear that we could not stay in SoCal because there was no water and it was going to get worse. He wanted us out of there. He is a Spanish Mustang. He is feral. Nature and wild animals know what is going on. He said, if I would be there to meet him when he arrived and as long as no one tied him to anything, he could do it."

"I got Bob Hubbard’s shipping company and I went into debt to pay for a box stall so he would not have to be tied and could move around. I spent a lot of time with them on the phone explaining him and what needed to happen. I explained my life being torn apart with the divorce and finances and that horse and my dog were all I had. They were SO nice. I cannot say enough about how wonderful they are."

McAllister drove to New Jersey with her dog Baldr in a Volkswagen Bug. She arranged the entire back seat for Baldr with a tempurpedic bed from Orvis so the vibration of the car would not bother him on the trip.

"I actually got new clients on my way home for my Connected Energy® Sessions because Baldr is an amazing ambassador of my work just the way Arrow is. Yes, my furred family held me together. I am grateful my X decided to be intelligent and reasonable about Baldr. He never had animals prior to me. GSD’s were mine as where horses. I was nerve wracked the entire year waiting my divorce papers to be signed by the judge because the thought of someone demanding Baldr as a marriage asset made me sick. Again, animals are seen under the law as property. Divorce can be a nightmare for animals in the family. He wanted and needed to be with me. If anyone had challenged that I probably would be in jail or completely disappeared as no one would ever take my boys from me. Thankfully I am neither and we live in the open. My boys are mine free and clear. Baldr sleeps on the bed with me every night and I would have Arrow in my room if I could!"

Spanish mustang Arrow learns that not all people are bad

McAllister enlisted the help of her friend Jodi Remenap who now lives in Capac MI and is the owner of Mr’s R’s health fast food has a masters in physical therapy. She read up on equine anatomy Gabriella asked her to work on Arrow.

"I knew he would accept Jodi. And it was important for him to start letting others help him. He needed to know, I was not the only good person out there"

She says that trust in a horse should not be an ego thing in man, where you feel like a superior trainer because your horse trusts you and no one else. She wanted Arrow to be comfortable with others working with him as well,as herself.

While she knew she had an ability to feel and see things others did not at an early age, she really did not start researching what was happening with her until high school.

McAllister shares how she became a healer

McAllister said that she knew something was happening in her life that was not normal but when she told her parents, they did not quite believe her. She said she needed validation, but most people just thought she was scared of the dark when she started seeing figures in her room at night or when her grandfather came to say goodbye after he had passed away.

"There was no real help. Of course I was not scared of him [her grandfather] but the other stuff that came was scary and no one could help me. It was either I was insane and needed medication or there was something more that my parents and society just could not deal with. Of course being raised Catholic I started researching mysticism in religion and then moved on from there. I studied Reiki but found it missing components in how it was taught and then meeting a famous healer in Los Angeles. I worked there in their offices in operations. It was my final corporate job. "

"Again, the modality this healer taught was lacking some components and just did not feel whole. Once I understood how I worked, I then came out professionally as a healer. I had a formal University education, I attended law school, I spoke Spanish and French and of course English. My corporate career lasted about 15 years. I was ok at corporate, but always miserable and sick all the time. When I decided to do my healing work professionally I came at it from an educated place."

McAllister started looking at what was missing that other people were doing, but she was not. She felt her work was often completely different than others and that something was missing with how they were going about doing what they were doing.

"My work is “Connected” I am one of the few who actually works on all three levels that MUST be addressed and effectively: Energetic, emotional (emotional source of dis-ease) and physical. I even trade marked my way of working - Connected Energy® Healing. I “connect”all three levels and all senses to help transform health issues for people and animals."

Before McAllister started working with Arrow he was unhappy and angry
Before McAllister started working with Arrow he was unhappy and angry
After working with Arrow, he became a much happier horse.
After working with Arrow, he became a much happier horse.

While McAllister was told her mustang came from Mexico, she felt strongly there was more to his breeding than anyone knew

When McAllister rescued Arrow her thoughts were on his well-being not on his breeding, but after moving back to New Jersey, she felt a sense of urgency and decided to see if she could find our more about his origins.

Arrow had a brand mark on his left hip, but none of the horse branding sites had any information on it. When she posted a picture of the brand on Facebook, a lady sent her a message and determined that Arrow was a Choctaw Spanish Mustang from Black Jack Mountains in Oklahoma. As a yearling he was sold to a family in Virginia and the people who bred him were horrified that he ended up at a rental stable in California. McAllister actually flew to visit the stable where Arrow was born. She said she was a little nervous about it.

It all started when Jennie Sweetin Smith from who works with the man who bred Arrow, contacted Mcallister through a private message on Facebook. Through Jennie she learned that Arrow was in his twenties and was part of a rare and endangered breed of Spanish Mustangs whose ancestors were ridden by Choctaw Indians on the Trail of Tears. Arrow came from the herd of Bryant Rickman from Blackjack Mountain These horses were used in the movie HIDALGO with Viggo Morrtenson.

Mcallister sent a photo of Arrow to Jennie who then showed it to Bryant. He wanted to know where Arrow was and was deeply pained when he discovered what had happened to him before he'd been rescued.

"Bryant was heart broken to see what Arrow had gone through. He was happy he was safe but emotionally devastated at what he had endured. See Arrow is a rare color with very specific markings. He’s a black roan which is a 1 in a billion color. His coloring and markings matched Bryant’s yearling records perfectly. Bryant had lost track of Arrow during a very chaotic time. He had often wondered during the years what had happened to that special colt who showed so much promise."

Arrow had been bred for endurance riding, but apparently never got the chance to compete. When Mcallister later contacted Bryant by phone, she said she nearly talked the man's ear off, but decided they must meet and she must see the home where her horse had been born and raised as a yearling.

It just so happened that her trip coincided with the US Cavalry’s National Event at Fort Reno, Oklahoma. "I mean I got on a plane and went to stay with people I met online? So not my normal MO! The event in OK was amazing. I met so many wonderful people. I was shocked to see how they lacked real big sponsors. This is an event that is 99% all active duty service men and women and veterans! I also saw that not only did I need to help get exposure for Bryant Rickman and the Choctaw Horses to save them but to get attention for the US Cavalry organization. These active duty service people and veterans live LIVE for this yearly competition. It’s their therapy. They need support and awareness. I have worked all year to get sponsors for Bryant and the Choctaws and The US Cavalry."

Raising awareness for a rare breed of mustangs with a long history of perseverance

McAllister was amazed at the reenactment and decided she wanted to return to Oklahoma and, if not ride Arrow in the reenactment, as least have him there as a representative of the breed to bring awareness to Spanish mustangs, the plight of wild horses in general and their historic significance in the forming of the nation.

Her goal now is to take Arrow home to the place of his birth as a sort of pilgrimage to raise awareness for not only the Choctaw mustangs, but all wild horses of Spanish descent that increasingly face extinction in meat packing facilities.

McAllister says that taking Arrow back to his roots is part of his story. She would love to gain the support of a film-maker who would document the history of the Choctaw mustangs and is hoping she can raise the funds to take Arrow to Oklahoma for the reenactment though she does not plan to ride in it,

"I feel his need to go home. When I let him know, that I KNEW who he was and where he came from and I showed him images of home, he changed for the better even MORE. He stood taller and with more pride."

Mcallister says she wishes every rescue could find their history and thinks it would make a difference. In many ways it is like the story of the child who was sold into slave labor only to discover he came from royal blood and that his destiny was to protect the world and bring evil men to justice. While it may sound childish or like too much fantasy, we must all admit that we long to know our own histories and would hope that our lives on earth would make a positive difference for others even if we discovered our ancestors did not have the most royal of pasts.

"Arrow was so grateful that I bothered to find out who he was. It strengthened our bond even more. We are real friends. The trip has to happen this year or at the latest next year. Arrow is 20. He needs to make the trip now while he can. He’s older and still can handle it but I know he wants to go home to see his people. He knows its a long journey. He gets tired thinking about it but I know, I know he wants to see Bryant and hopefully Bryant’s father who owned Special Wind which was Arrow’s mama. That sealed the deal by the way. Jennie warned me Bryant would be careful about giving me my papers proving Arrow was a Choctaw. While I was there, of course Connected Energy® strikes again…Yes, Jennie drove me three hours from Fort Reno to where Bryant lives to meet him. It was a surprise but the man must be psychic because I stepped out of the truck and he said, you came all the way from New Jersey huh? I laughed out loud and said yes, I have an orphaned horse who needs his identity made real."

"We had the nicest visit. He showed me where Arrow was as a baby. He showed me photos of his Mama and Father. I got to see the herd at this ranch. It was beautiful. I knew then, Arrow needed to visit home. Bryant’s father showed up in a rare appearance. He saw the photos and said to Bryant, this is Special Wind’s colt. No doubt. That sealed it. Arrow was getting his papers. and I have received them in the mail. I told Bryant emphatically that ALL I wanted was to send people to his site, where they could donate directly to him and have Arrow be an ambassador for the herd here on the East Coast. I have done that. Last year we attended my first hunter pace. I have not ridden english in a few decades! I found a very light weight english style saddle (only 6 pounds) so Arrow had as little weight on him for the ride. He did spectacularly and attracted a crowd. People can be very breed specific but Arrow was a HIT! He was/is the perfect ambassador. All his fears abated. He knew his job. People looked at him, his legs and feet, came up behind him without giving notice (I know silly but horse people do stuff like that on occasion even though it makes no sense) and he stood proudly still and with composure! "

"What do I hope to accomplish by making that long trip? For the love of Arrow, I want to see him reunited with Bryant. Arrow needs it and I feel Bryant does too. Bryant has seen the video and photos. He knows Arrow found his person and knows how much I love Arrow and will give him everything he needs until he passes on,and yes, I will make sure his ashes are brought home when he does pass. What else do I want to accomplish? It would bring Bryant off the mountain to the US Cavalry event to promote the herd, get a story done on Arrow being reunited with him, the importance of this breed, raise money to help the current herd of only 250. They need to raise more money not only for their care but a larger piece of land for them to roam on. I will document the trip. It will be part of a documentary. I know someone will show an interest and film the whole thing. It’s not just about my work and how I help people and animals but about saving this magnificent breed and helping Bryant find someone to take on the legacy."

What is the role of a healer in the lives of humans and animals

When most of us hear the word healer, we think of someone who mends physical wounds, like a doctor or a nurse, but psychologists have increasingly made us aware of the need for mental awareness and animals studies are now finding that many animals are as susceptible to mental health problems as are humans and many of these problems are often made manifest by humans not understanding the needs of pets and livestock in general.

Destructive dogs are often made destructive by people who keep them locked in crates or small apartments when they were bred to be working dogs on the move and active. While most of us cannot hear what animals are thinking like Mcallister says she can, we can all be more attentive to their needs and read "facial expressions", observe behavior patterns and body language and learn to communicate better with pets as well as people.

Mcallister said she could hear what animals were thinking when she was a child and always viewed animals as friends. She relates a story of going to a house of a family friend where she was told that they needed to lock up their German Shepherd because it was a vicious guard dog. She said she was about five at the time and found the closed door, walked in and the GSD was adorable and played with her.

When the people found her, they gasped at the dog playing with her because he would attack everyone including his owners. She said, "they stared at me like I had three heads. The dog started to growl at all of them. I realized then, I was different and needed to figure it out."

McAllister said she never really wanted to be a healer and that it scared her because so many people made fun of her abilities and thought healers were charlatans out to take the money of gullible people by using gimmicks to get attention.

"Education is important and many lack that. I was first told what would happen in my life in my 20’s. I had just finished with law school and felt a little lost. I “ran into” this psychic and [was told] that my wanting to have a normal life was not going to happen. They told me, you are a messenger of God; a healer. I was so upset. I was on a corporate track. I was like, you are nuts, NO WAY and people like that in history have not faired too well! They end up alone [or as] barbecue like Joan of Arc! Absolutely, that is NOT happening to me. See how religion imprints on us total fear?"

Indeed, many religious followers would frown on the notion of psychic or energy healers or talking to animals or people who have passed and scientifically, it is also hard to accept the premise that a human being can heal another creature by touch alone, but there are many ways of healing people and animals and research has shown that prayer, rather than causing fear, can indeed help people to recover faster from injuries and cope better with disease and treatments as can meditation, visualization, soothing touch, hugs and simply feeling loved and cared for by others, so no one group has a trademark on healing or feeling the pain of others or on wanting to make things better, and education and experience can definitely go a long way toward that cause.

Making a dream become reality

McAllister said the psychic told her she would one day become a public figure and travel and visit cities, but she did not believe what was said and had no desire to become a public figure and be seen by others who might even attack her for claiming to have the ability to heal others rather than embrace her, but after twenty years, she says. "the signs were undeniable."

"I guess it became really clear, when I worked for that famous healer in their business, I realized I needed to be out there too. I needed to do it from a holistic point of view, meaning not just energy work. That was the problem with other modalities like Reiki and this other healer. In trying to package what they do they limit to a specific skill set so it can be sold and made money off of when taught. OK, I get it. Everyone has to make money but the next level is so clear to me. IT must be integrated with emotional and physical healing so it can be effective consistently and that can only be done when the healer understands all three levels! "

McAllister says that Connected Energy® Therapy fills in those gaps and focuses not only on healing energy, but the emotional source of disease and the physical health of an individual and it is hard to argue against any of that.

"I connect all three elements like a three legged stool. The stool only works if all three are addressed and I use all my other senses to do that. While I am psychic, a medium, intuitive, animal communicator etc. I am a healer FIRST. Meaning the purpose of all the other skill sets is to help heal so they are used from a holistic approach not silo’d. That is why on my site, you will never see the disclaimer of “for entertainment purposes only.” Psychics and mediums all do that. Sigh. I get why they do it but it belittles the profession. As a healer my disclaimer is that my work is a complimentary therapy…It’s on every page. I work with doctors and vets and trainers etc. When my work is added to a person or animals health needs, the change is dramatic. It’s why I have such an excellent reputation. "

Whether or not you believe in psychics and mediums, few can deny that there is an energy that flows through us all and that when that energy is held back, by others, by the environment or by our own self-doubts, that we cease to thrive on a healthy level and few modern doctors address this energy flow, which is why people often feel something is missing.

McAllister says, "My energy is set to respect. I am very educated and well traveled. My whole presentation is professional. I don’t accept anything less. Do I get a skeptic on occasion? Of course, but again, I attract respect and kindness. If someone gets sassy like a very famous Hollywood attorney did with me one time I always have an intelligent and funny comeback. He said, aren’t there a lot of charlatans and disreputable people in your profession? I said, you are a lawyer right? He said yes, I said, that’s the pot calling the kettle black! He burst out laughing and said, point made and check mate! I laughed too and he continued to always be kind with me whenever we met and would introduce me as a holistic professional."

While McAllister works with all animals and people, horses and dogs were her first and very best friends. That is true today. She has a black German Shepherd dog named Baldr and Arrow, the rescued Choctaw Spanish Mustang. She says, "they are my very best friends and confidents. They help me in my work. Wherever we go people meet them and say, we want to work with you because these are the best and most well adjusted animals we have ever seen. Then they find out my age and want to work with me even more as I am healthy. I walk the talk in all ways as much as humanly possible.

Her website: , gives more detailed information about her abilities. Her hope is to get a TV show to help people see how other species are not very different than us.

"They have the full range of emotions we have just within the context of their species. It does not make them more or less than us. We are all connected and important. I would love a TV show featuring biologist and behaviorist etc., showing through traditional methods and mine how connected everything actually is. I feel it would make for an interesting show with plenty of drama that the networks require but that will also educate people in a positive way.

Whether you believe in psychic healing or not, you cannot argue that making the lives of others better is a noble goal and if you are truly a skeptic, what better way to test whether something works or doesn't than by giving it a chance and seeing what results will come from it!

Scientists do not really understand all the nuances of what allows some people and animals to endure great trials and still triumph while others can barely endure small difficulties without having a mental breakdown of sorts and retreating from the pain rather than working hard to overcome it. There are many means to obtain healing, whether by faith in God, a strong will and determination to succeed at all costs, or by educating oneself on the understanding of others and how our actions impact emotional healing. Even if healing cannot be achieved, having the tools to deal with difficulties often makes them more bearable and less of a burden.

In any event is is worth looking into. You can find more about Gabriela's healing work or offer to help her in her quest to bring attention to the Choctaw mustangs by visiting her website or checking her out on Facebook.

If you would like to help Gabi directly, you can contribute to her and Arrow's journey by going to paypal and making a gift donation to


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    • delia-delia profile image


      4 years ago

      Great article... Arrow was destined to be part of your life! It was very interesting and found so many similarities of my ways with animals and just a common sense way of thinking....Thank You for your kind heart and the heartfelt care you give. God Bless you, He gave you a gift!

    • profile image

      jane alexander 

      5 years ago

      Out at the sanctuary I carry a little squeeze bottle of fly spray, pet to a little eye area massage, then squeeze the fly spray onto my fingers and place it.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Wow! What a fine article. I read it with huge interest. What a worthwhile journey. I am a devoted believer! Lots of love to all, Clarene and Creed


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