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Stop Animal Abuse

Updated on November 13, 2013
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I am Miely, I am just someone who loves sharing random thoughts because I am so bored.

Why do people creates video showing brutality?

We humans are mamals therefore we're animals however God made us to be the superior living thing so that we can take care of the creation that He made. I've seen a lot of news from our country about animal violence. Those violence are not just existing in our country but also all over the world. I really feel bad about what's going on. What I want know is to give my realization to what's happening and let others realize that too. I hope all of us are willing to help one another for stopping the animal violence.

Cats or Dogs?

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Crush/Crash Videos (animal cruelty) - How do we stop this viral videos about cruelty to animals?

crash/crush video thumbnails
crash/crush video thumbnails

Have you watched the news before about a youtube video that they call as "crush/crash videos"? I've seen the news but the certain videos on youtube I can't watch it ever. I've heard of that news a lot of times too so I know what they do on those videos even if I don't watch it. I hope you don't watch it too , you'll know why later on.

The Crush Video I'm talking about is showing violence to animals. They torture puppy or little animals and kill it by kicking them and stepping on them until they crushed the puppy. What make it much painful for me and especially for the defenseless animal is the ladies are wearing heels to kill them. Damn. While typing this I can feel the pain of those innocent animals and I really hate those people who do that. They're getting on my nerves. The superiority that our God gave us is for taking care of them not for killing them. I know all of us are sinful but I don't know why do they really need to do that.

These kinds of videos are getting viral and i wonder how people can take watching it. There is a news topic about it and they're sayingt that there are psychological explanation why people make such videos like that and why peole watch it. That pschological explanations are very weird because they mentioned that it's not just about the violence but it's also related to sexual arousement (which is so WEIRD). I don't know how would you be aroused by watching that kind of video but that's what they're saying.

For me they're really psychos. However, I think there are a lot of factors that trigger that kind of behaviors. Since it's related with youtube , I'll discuss my own view why some people create such videos like that.

I mentioned that "crush videos" are getting viral. Right? First it's popularity on the site, having a lot of hits for a certain video makes a channel/user popular. Agree? Yes!

In addition to that popular videos/channel/users from youtube can make a revenue for having visitor, viewer and whatever. We know that because we have that privileges here in squidoo too.

So what do you think of that analogy?

For me it's simple stop viewing these videos, don't share or spread it , report it so that youtube can take and action on removing it and DON'T DO IT. They will keep on creating such videos if they know that a lot of people are getting interested to it and if they're earning from it. Right? Let us consider every living thing in this world as our family, as our own and as respected creations of God.

Top 10 Ways to Prevent Animal Abuse

I saw this list from google. This says that there are top 10 ways on how we can stop animal cruelty. I see that this is only applicable in U.S. and I know we have that also in Philippines but I'm still looking for it.

1-Know who to call to report animal cruelty.

We're lucky here at the ASPCA in New York City because we have Humane Law Enforcement Agents who have the power to investigate and arrest perpetrators of animal cruelty in the state of New York. But every state and every town are different. In some areas, you may have to rely on the police department to investigate animal cruelty; in others, you may have to contact local animal control or another municipal agency. If you aren't sure where to report cruelty, please visit our Report Animal Cruelty section.

2-Get to know and look out for the animals in your neighborhood.

By being aware, you're more likely to notice, for example, that the dog next door who was once hefty has lost weight rapidly possible indicator of abuse.

3-Make the call.

Without phone calls from concerned citizens who report cruelty in their neighborhoods, we wouldn't know about most instances of animal abuse. It all comes from the public, it all starts with YOU—that's why it's so important to keep your eyes and ears open.

4-Provide as much as information as possible when reporting animal cruelty.

The details that you provide can go a long way toward assisting an investigating officer. It helps to write down the type of cruelty you witnessed, who was involved, the date of the incident and where it took place.

5-Contact your local law enforcement department

and let them know that investigating animal cruelty should be a priority. Animal cruelty is a CRIME—and the police MUST investigate these crimes.

6-Fight for the passage of strong anti-cruelty laws

on federal, state and local levels by joining the ASPCA Advocacy Brigade. With stronger laws come tougher penalties. As an ASPCA Advocacy Brigade member, you'll receive emails asking you to write letters encouraging your legislators to pass these laws—and you can send them directly from our website.

7-Set a good example for others.

If you have pets, be sure to always show them the love and good care they deserve. But it's more than just food, water, and adequate shelter. If you think your animal is sick, bring him to the veterinarian. Be responsible and have your animals spayed or neutered. And give your pets lots of hugs!

8-Talk to your kids about how to treat animals with kindness and respect.

We regularly see children in homes where animal abuse has been reported. If a parent isn't treating the family's pets right, we tell the kids that their dog or cat would really appreciate fresh water every day or some daily playtime. If the animal has been left outside without shelter, we'll say, 'You have a nice house, and if you get cold, you can put a coat on. But your dog can't do that.' Children understand that animals are living creatures who have the ability to feel pain, joy and sadness.

9-Support your local shelter or animal rescue organization.

It's a great way to make a difference. Some of our ASPCA volunteers foster animals who have been abused in their former homes, giving these dogs and cats the chance they deserve to have a good life. You can find a list of shelters and rescue groups in your area in our National Shelter Directory.

10-Start a Neighborhood Watch Program.

Get to know the animals in your neighborhood and invite your friends and neighbors to do the same. Together you can keep an eye out for any suspicious behaviors—abuse and neglect of companion animals, the mistreatment of local wildlife, dogs left in hot cars and other signs of abuse.

What I can just do about this matter is to look for the cause and how to stop that root cause. Share the realization to you guys and don't be tempted on doing it. We're the superiors so we should love the creatures and show God that we humans deserves the superiority among the other animals. Be responsible and good enough to animals.


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