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The Ashera Cat and Choices

Updated on February 18, 2009

Our Tortoiseshell Cat

Who Needs an Ashera Kitty When You Can Have a Tortoiseshell Cat?

Okay, let’s face it. Not all of us have big budgets for our animals. But apparently, some people do. There is a new type of cat out there, called an Ashera. According to Lifestyle Pets, you can have one of these kitties for yourself for around $22,000. Well, I didn’t have to pay anything for my gorgeous tortoiseshell kitty. I just had to make a donation.

We adopted our tortoiseshell kitten, plus another one, from the veterinarian. A stray mother cat had been taken in by the clinic, and she had the babies there. It’s obvious from the way they look that they are a mix of several different breeds. My family and I chose a black kitten, and the tortoiseshell one, because she was so different from the rest.

The Ashera cat is a cross between a domestic house cat, an Asian leopard cat, and an African serval cat, but there is still some speculation about the direct origins. Well, my tortoiseshell cat is a mixture of orange, brown and black colors, but they are not considered to be a different breed. They are given the name because of their appearance. Almost all tortoiseshell cats are female, and ours happens to be long-haired.

Tortoiseshell or “torti” cats, as they are often called, are more nervous than other cats. Ours in particular seems to be affected by drops in barometric pressure. During Hurricane Rita, she refused to come out from under the bed. However, she is also a very sensitive, sweet cat, and is very loyal to us.

If you have your mind made up to buy an Ashera cat, then you better get a really big litter box. If not, get a tortoiseshell. While she may not look like a jungle animal, she will still attract a lot of attention!


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    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Actually, the ashera cat is a scam by a guy, Brodie, who's been in trouble with the law before. It's an existing breed, savannah, which is expensive but still several times cheaper which is simply bought from some savannah breeders and re-sold by this company to stupid people who send money without:

      1. Any hybrid between Serval and domestic is a savannah by definition.

      2. A hybrid between Asian Leopard Cat and domestic is the origin of Bengal cats. Hence if bengal as the domestic cat as above - and bengals were indeed used by some savannah breeders - you get a savannah which has blood of a Serval, Asian Leopard Cat, and domestic. There is nothing new in Ashera.

      3. There is a lot of secrecy surrounding Ashera and none of the claims about it have ever been proven.

      4. DNA tests on any available Ashera cats proved them to be F1/F2 savannahs (see wiki).

      BTW - your cat is totally gorgeous. Mine is a tabby and is gorgeous too.

      Not having a budget to spend that much money for a kitty is a good thing: we'll not be taken in by a scammer with a cool web site.

    • profile image

      Mark Williamson 

      8 years ago

      Actually your "Torti" Cat is just a middle breed between a tabby and a Calico believe it or not. She refused to come out because cats can sense danger, if I were you I would be under there with her. Might be a safe bet. Any way I have one of the so- called "torti" cats, Her name is Stu and she is just a Calico-Tabby mix. Sorry about your luck. And the correct name for her is a " Marble Calico" I'm sorry you were so poorly informed. BUT they are cute kitties and congrats

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Yes, I'd definately agree that a simple house cat can be very rewarding. I also have a little torti and she also has a nervous personality. But after I pick her up and caress her, she can be the most affectionate and sweetest cat alive. She also has a loud purr. But my other cat, a black and white tuxedo male is very trusting of me and other people. He's very curious with a very outgoing personality and likes to attract attention to himself like scratching on things I don't like scratched and knocking things down on occasion as he watches my facial expressions.Grrrrr! He likes to be chased. I wonder if that's a Tuxedo trait? hmmmm lol!


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